Ex-Misfits' Doyle About His New Band

artist: Misfits date: 09/30/2005 category: music news

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Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, as you may know, has quit the Misfits and formed his own band called Gorgeous Frankenstein. In a recent interview, when asked about his new band, he didn't say anything about what it would sound like. But he did say it wouldn't be a very "punk" band. The interviewer, Crazy Craig from knac.com, asked about his Dean Markely Skullbusters. This led into a lot more cool details. Doyle said that he himself would be selling the guitars he made, via his website. Doyle also stated that Demeter Amps would make and sell Doyle's amps, all designed by Doyle. Jim Dunlop is also going to be cashing in on the new "Doyle-Craze". They will manufacture his custom straps. Now Doyle is joining Danzig on the Blackest Of The Black tour this fall.
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