Ex-Nirvana Guitarist Becomes Member of US Special Forces

Jason Everman went on to join the military.

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Fans of late 1980s and 1990s grunge music will recognize the name Jason Everman. The musician was a member of early line-ups of both Soundgarden and Nirvana. However, since that time, Everman has kept a low profile.

Now a New York Times article has revealed (via Blabbermouth) that Everman went from being a star of the Seattle scene to becoming a member of the U.S special forces.

As Everman notes, it was when he joined the military that he knew what he wanted to do with his life:

"The bond of locking shields with each other, working together to defeat a common enemy, it's a heightened state ... I knew this was it. This is living." Everman's military career gave the guitarist more satisfaction than playing in bands. As Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic notes: "We had some great shows with Jason. But then things went south really fast."

The article goes on to state that: "a cloud formed over Jason, an impenetrable inwardness that just hung there. They say he wouldn't talk to anyone, completely removing himself from the circle."

These statements are reiterated by Soundgarden road manager Eric Johnson: "He was funny and witty, and then a cloud would come over him. He would sit in the bus and be really mad with his headphones on all the time."

Everman has recently earned his bachelor's degree in philosophy from Columbia. He is currently living in the Washington State area.

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    Darth Wader
    Waiting for the article now where Courtney Love says something negatively about him
    Zeta Reticuli
    Cobain traded guns for guitars, Everman traded guitars for guns, Cobain died by the gun, Everman lives by the gun. How quaint.
    That's pretty cool. I guess the rockstar life isn't for everyone. Good thing he found what he wanted to do in life.
    good for him I guess.
    Why would you want to make millions by playing guitar with your friends and spreading music across the world when you can make a rich white war profiteer millions by risking your life committing war crimes?
    You have a very twisted view of the Military and it's goal, however your view of the Government is almost spot on.
    "The bond of locking shields with each other, working together to defeat a common enemy, it's a heightened state ... I knew this was it. This is living." Would have been more to the point if he said "I like the idea of killing people."
    Being in the military is about more than killing people. In fact, asking a Soldier is he''s ever killed someone is one of the worst questions you could ask him.
    Good to hear. People from all walks of life are employed by the Military. It is a great experience, glad to see he found his calling in his life.
    the article from the NY Times is actually really well written.... worth the read.
    Agreed. Though it probably wouldn't interest 12 year old European socialists, which seems to be the majority of commentors on this site.
    Just the bloke in the cover photo of Bleach, was credited on the album (didn't play) as he loaned the band the cash to record...
    Also, since when does the army allow epic beards?
    The Special Forces often times require you to be in the field or blend in with the local populace as much as possible. The wars we are currently fighting are against people who have, epic beards, so it only makes sense that he would have one being in the Special Forces. Also, the special forces receive different privileges.
    SF do not have to follow standard dress/grooming standards that the rest of the military does
    I live in New Zealand, where it takes forever to get international news, and read this in a locall paper over a week ago. Man UG is slow
    He played bass in Soundgarden by the way
    Lawl, downvote me if you want but it's true: he replaced Hiro before they hired Ben. I read a similar article last week which described him as SG's guitarist
    It says it in the article, try reading it next time.
    Only in the Blabbermouth one
    No, it definitely notes he was in Soundgarden here on UG, first paragraph.
    *sigh But not as a bass player. He played GUITAR in Nirvana and BASS in Soundgarden. Hell, I don't even remember why I brought it up, pbbly to point out his versatility or whatever...