Ex-Of Mice & Men Singer Austin Carlile: I Lose Followers Any Time I Speak About God or His Son Jesus

"What I GAIN from knowing Him though... irreplaceable."

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Ex-Of Mice & Men Singer Austin Carlile: I Lose Followers Any Time I Speak About God or His Son Jesus

Former Of Mice & Men singer Austin Carlile, who got baptized and dedicated himself to God months before leaving the band, shared the following message via Twitter:

"It may not be 'cool' to believe, it may not be popular, but the GOD of the entire universe loves you.

"Realizing this changed my entire life.

"I LOSE followers any time I speak about God or His son Jesus, ppl don't wanna hear it. What I GAIN from knowing Him though... irreplaceable.

"And that's ALL I want to share with anyone who's willing to read, because there IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT. We ALL will die one day... then what?

"I turned my back on Christ at 17 when He took my Mom. Literally ran out of hospital, threw head & middle fingers in air screaming 'FUCK YOU!'

"The next 24 hours I tried drugs, drinking, and sex for the first time. In the next week almost went to juvenile correction for breaking and entering, grand theft auto, aggravated AND felonious assault...

"Followed by 10 years of alcoholism, drug use, loads of promiscuous sex and literally running away from God/doing all I could to separate myself from Him. My story is radical, but so is His LOVE, MERCY & FORGIVENESS.

"The bible says WHOSOEVER believes/follows shall have everlasting life. WHOSOEVER meaning whoever, anyone, everyone. As you ARE & not having to change to come before Him. HE changes you.

"A matter of the heart (filling that missing space) and the heart is what He heals & restores x If God can change/save Saul who literally KILLED Christians for $$$, (later named PAUL & wrote chapter in Bible) He can change YOU & I ❤?"

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    Oh, sure. He can talk about Jesus all he wants, but when I bring up MY imaginary friend, I'm the crazy one.
    Yes, all of us will die some day. So what? Nothing. Life is more precious when you know it will end. Anyway, I respect the man, his view on life, speaking out on the topic.
    Exactly. I get that some people are frightened of the idea of eternal oblivion and all that, but when people use arguments like that, they just don't get that actually, a lot of people either aren't, or they are able to separate the idea of spirituality and life after death from the organized profit-making machine that is most religions. 
    Sorry but I stop having  imaginary friends when I turn 6 ! No disrespect I bet he's a nice guy and if he's happy good for him ! But i'm tired of believers who cannot stop talking about how the bible or any other "holly book" save their life and keep them from doing drug or any other shit ! It's not the book or god that save your life man it's just your willingness so for once try to believe in yourself and you'll see some true miracle ! 
     The bible says WHOSOEVER believes/follows shall have everlasting life.  WHOSOEVER meaning whoever, anyone, everyone. As you ARE & not having  to change to come before Him. HE changes you. 
    And the mormon's believe that Joseph Smith was a magical sage that was able to magically transcribe golden tablets that nobody else ever saw. And when his assistant "lost" the first translation, he magically made an entirely new one up! But according to my father he and jesus and all of them are all super special and can't do any wrong. Except for the whole polygamy thing, that was wrong but they fixed it. They are NOW infallible. Except for the other parts of the bible and book of mormon that they choose as exceptions. Other than those few mistakes they don't ever make mistakes and you can trust every word that they say 100%. That'll be 10% of your income, thank you. 
    Yeah I'm gonna die, and then what? Well if I'm lucky, the universe might roll around again and I'll get another shot at it, or I won't. Either way, I can't imagine how utterly bored I would be of spending eternity on a cloud. 
    As someone who fell out of Christianity, I'm happy he's found peace. It's a great feeling. But you can have that without the hell. To think any God would create life, for a chance that life would burn forever, is just silly. Hope he doesn't let the religious stranglehold take control of his true self.
    How does he then not realize that god made him have spinal issues? What an all-loving, omnipotent supreme being he believes in!
    Probably has more to do with the anti-vaccine conspiracy nonsense he was peddling a few months ago but whatever.....