Ex-Savage Garden Singer Arrested

artist: Savage Garden date: 08/23/2007 category: music news
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Apparently, Darren Hayes, formerly of Savage Garden, decided to have a nice dinner out at a Thai restaurant in London and verbally attack a waiter to the point of being arrested for "racial abuse." This, from a man who is outraged his husband isn't recognized as such in his home country of Australia? Now, I'm not entirely sure what one could simply say to be arrested for "racial abuse," but it must have been pretty spectacular. Both side have refused to comment on the incident, but it is believed that the singer verbally attacked a male waiter at a Thai restaurant. According to all reports, there was no physical altercation whatsoever between the two men. Darren Hayes was arrested and released on bail. He is expected to return to court on September 21st, pending further investigation into the incident. The story gets more interesting, as Hayes is outspoken about the lack of acknowledgement for gay marriages in his home country of Australia. He's been speaking publicly lately about how angry he is at his governmet for not allowing his husband -- who he married in England -- to return to Australia with him without a tourist Visa. He has argued that the current Australian Prime Minister's stance on gay marraige is "an infringement of my civil rights - a very un-Australian thing." But I guess racially abusing Thai waiters is totally cool, and in no way an infringement on anyone's civil rights whatsoever. As a final note, can someone please explain the photograph that accompanies this article? Then again, I don't really know what, specifically, qualifies as "racial abuse," so we could be making mountains out of molehills. Though I'd think to get arrested, it'd have to be pretty hardcore. Thanks for the info to Shoutmouth.com.
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