Ex-Sum 41 Guitarist's Brown Brigade Ready To Tour

date: 09/21/2006 category: music news
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Brown Brigade, the new metal band featuring ex-Sum 41 guitarist Dave "Brownsound" Baksh and his cousin Vaughn Lal (bass), has issued the following update: "As quiet as our web presence has been lately, we have not! Go to our MySpace to check out tracks from our forthcoming EP. As well as Dave Brownsound on guitar, myself (Vaughn Lal) on bass, we have Craig 'The Craigulator' Pattison on guitars and Johnny 'No-Triggers' Owens rockin' tha beats. To fill it out we also have Ienni-Mon on back-up percussion and other sounds. Who's doing vocals? Dave is singing on two tracks and our friend Cess Rock is MCing on 'E2DMFMF'. Both will be rockin the mic on our upcoming tour. Also on the recording we have our friends G. Knight MCing at the end of 'Blues Warrior' and Kultcha Ites singing on an unreleased song which will probably be released on our website. The EP will be available at our shows on the upcoming tour. We're looking forward to getting out there with Pennywise, Circle Jerks and Ignite. Can't wait to see you out there!" In a June 2006 interview with MTV.com, Baksh stated about Brown Brigade, "As a guitarist ? and this isn't meant to insult SUM's music ? but it was getting way too easy to play. I really wanted to get into my roots and pay homage to the three bands that started me off in music: Anthrax, Megadeth and Metallica. "I'm not the most serious guy in the world, so Brown Brigade songs are about funny stuff," he added. "I think that Sum 41 lost a lot of their sense of humor, which is where things started to go wrong. The whole thing got a bit too dark for the public." "The basic music [of Brown Brigade] is going to be metal and some thrash, some Iron Maiden with some Deep Purple thrown in, too. It's going to be red-hot. I can't wait." Thanks for the info to Blabbermouth.net. Brown Brigade supporting Pennywise and Circle Jerks: 10/03 - Croation Cultural Centre - Vancouver, BC 10/04 - Commodore - Vancouver, BC 10/06 - MacEwan Hall - Calgary, AB 10/07 - The venue formerly Red's - Edmonton, AB 10/08 - Odeon - Saskatoon, SK 10/09 - Burton Cummings Theatre - Winnipeg, MB 10/11 - Club Denim - Guelph, ON 10/12 - The Phoenix - Toronto, ON 10/13 - Surface - Ottawa, ON 10/14 - Metropolis - Montreal, PQ 10/15 - Imperial - Quebec City, PQ
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