Ex-Testament Bassist Greg Christian Details Bitter Split With Group, Launches New Band Meshiaak

Band posts debut track on YouTube.

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Former Testament bassist Greg Christian has revealed the debut single from new band Meshiaak.

The release of the track, titled "Alliance of Thieves," comes after Christian shared the bitter details of the split from his former band. Speaking to Blabbermouth, the bassist stated that, while Testament got bigger and bigger during his tenure in the band, he never got paid anything beyond a day rate for his services:

"The bottom line is after all the history and touring - once the band got to a point of turning a serious profit - it was made perfectly clear to me that I was never going to share in any of it and never get anything beyond a day rate, that never went up once in 8 1/2 years, while I watched everything else get bigger and grander every step of the way. And if anyone wants to rip on me for feeling dehumanized by that, I don't care - they're entitled to their opinion. But so am I. And my opinion is - it sucks to be poor and famous."

Christian, who played on a number of the band's albums in the 80's, early 90's and late 2000s, was replaced by Steve DiGiorgio, who had previously been in the band from 1999-2001.

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    Does Christian have to have songwriting credit to get a bigger salary? Because he isn't credited for writing anything on Dark Roots of Earth. That would make a bit more sense to me, if they don't play songs he wrote live.
    Damn that really sucks. I hate hearing about bands I like splitting up because they're not getting an equal cut.