Ex Megadeth Drummer 'Made 'Peace Sells''

Gar Samuelson credited with track in new interview.

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The success of Megadeth's break though single, "Peace Sells", is often credited to the snarling vocals of Dave Mustaine or the thundering bassline of Dave Ellefson. However, in a new interview, former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland has claimed that drummer Gar Samuelson had more to do with the track's composition than first thought. As Classic Rock, Poland credits the drummer for turning the song from an 8 minute marathon into the shorter, punchier version that we all know today:

"I think originally it was eight minutes long, and Gar said, 'You know what? This is too good a song to drag it out like this. Let's shorten the arrangement, cut it down to size and make it a single.'

"Dave said, 'Yeah, let's do that.' I honestly think Dave respected Gar's opinion on stuff he was the only guy in the band Dave wouldn't mess with.

"He totally respected Gar, and thank God he did, If Gar hadn't talked Dave into shortening the song..."

Samuelson played drums on Megadeth's first two albums; "Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good" (1984) and "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying" (1986). He was sacked from the band in because of his drug taking. Samuelson died from liver failure at the age of 41. Mustaine dedicated the remastered version of "Peace Sells..." to him. Poland originally left Megadeth in 1987 and spent many years embroiled in a bitter feud with the band. However, his frosty relationship with Mustaine has thawed in recent years. The guitarist even contributed some playing to the band's 2004 comeback album "The System Has Failed".

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    'made' and 'contributed' are totally different... But whatever, I love Gar. His playing can't be matched easily
    Atleast its changes, used to be all about Gunsn Roses, Mike Portnoy, Ozzy and Courtney Love. Wonder if Mustaine took this to heart later, he is very good at keeping his songs short and focused, he rarely writes anything over 5 minutes.
    True, wonder who the news will about solely tomorrow
    Consult Blabbermouth.com if you wonder what band will be on tomorrow.
    Add hennemusic.com, gigwise.com, gibson.com, and occasionally cracked.com to that list, and you'll be days - sometimes weeks - ahead of every article UG posts, aside from their polls and the 'instructional' articles.
    Gar and Poland made the whole Peace Sells album for me. They gave a metal band a vibe that no one else had. No one sounds like Poland.
    UG - THE site for Foo Fighters, Megadeth, Muse and Green Day articles.
    Or Metallica. Guns N' Roses too. As well as the Gallagher's bitching. Occasionally, Sabbath drama. Portnoy could be thrown in there.
    Debloating songs is something producers tend to dothat's not even close to meaning they "make" the songs.
    Gar was an amazing drummer, he had an amount of energy and feeling that few could match, and it sucks so much that he had to die so early. Another tragic example why one shouldn't do drugs.
    let me guess one of theses first comments will get golden medal.
    And most likely you'll get down votes. Back on topic, like one guy said, contributing is rather different to actually making or writing the song. Nevertheless it's a great song, one of the most pleasing Megadeth songs to listen to.