Experts Call For New Guidelines After Radiohead Stage Collapse

artist: Radiohead date: 06/26/2012 category: music news
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Experts Call For New Guidelines After Radiohead Stage Collapse
A concert industry veteran has called for new industry guidelines following the tragic death of a Radiohead drum technician when their stage collapsed this month. Lars Brogaard, who has produced concerts for Rod Stewart since 1985, says that promoters should commit to using steel rods to ensure the safety of the musicians and road crew who build outdoor stages. "You need to go to steel. The shows nowadays are getting heavier and heavier with the lighting and the video screens. These aluminium roofs, they can't take the weight," he told Rolling Stone. "There's just been too many accidents. I have guys working who are really upset about it. Why go out and do a show and have something fall on your head and die?" Radiohead's drum technician Scott Johnson was killed when the stage collapsed in Toronto this month, with three other crew members injured. Now the Canadian government is investigating companies including Live Nation and Radiohead's Ticker Tape Touring company to find who responsible for the incident. A veteran promoter John Scher suggests that Live Nation would normally be responsible for the erection of the stage. "It's not a theatre, it's not an arena, so you've got to go to a company that builds outdoor stages. Hopefully you'll check and make sure they've got the experience and references. It's the promoter's responsibility to be able to hire somebody who can deliver the specifications that the production manager and the act ask for."
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