Extreme Guitarist Likes Touring With Rihanna

Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt talks about touring with Rihanna.

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The unexpected combination of the Grammy Award-winning R&B artist Rihanna and Bettencourt has in fact become what Nuno says "a great opportunity to blend our talents to create a high-energy experience."

Nuno is best known for his work in the multiplatinum rock band Extreme, where they were nominated for a Grammy for their Billboard chart-topping hit "More Than Words". Nuno has worked on many projects including, multiple solo albums, film scores and has also worked with notable artists such as Janet Jackson, Perry Farrell, Robert Palmer and many others.(via Blabbermouth)

Rihanna's choice to have Nuno in her band was a great surprise, and Nuno assured that her live sound is really complimentary to his "style." When he heard the direction Rihanna wants to go in a live setting Nuno said, "Wow, this rocks! It's heavy and funky, and it hit me that this is 'my' thing, this is 'my' style..."

Once Nuno and Rihanna blended their talents and began the first round of rehearsals, Nuno stated, "It did not disappoint. Even better than what I expected because she also has the most incredible band, and I get the privilege to add to their wall of sound. Come see and hear it for yourself!"

Asked what the biggest difference is between performing live with Extreme and going on the road with Rihanna, Nuno said: "The fact that the audience is 90 percent women between the ages of 9 to 23. [laughs] The biggest difference has got to be being part of the show that it is. Extreme is just a four-piece. The most creative we've gotten is to get a horn section. But this is like a spectacle with dancers and aerialists and it's amazing to be a part of."

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    Dudes an amazing guitarist and his talents are wasted with Rihanna, the dude can be as good as Vai when he wants to!
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    1) He couldn't be as good as Vai...He already is, if not better. He is an outstanding guitarist and stupidly underrated. 2) Doing stuff with Rhianna is getting him paid. It also makes him feel like he is bringing rock and guitar to a wider audience, even though the people watching are probably not going to listen to it outside of him and Rhianna live, whatever makes the dude happy though. 3) Extreme are reformed, watch them if this bums you out so much.
    Totally agree, he needs to end the whole guitarist with Rhianna thing, it makes him look bad.
    His talent's aren't really "wasted" - he's been amazing for years, and was doing very little that got any attention at all for some 10+ years. Now he's getting the attention again. That's not a waste. And if you prefer not to see him with Rhianna, you can always go see him with Extreme as they are also re-formed and working on music.
    shame that for extreme they are only well known for more than words. same as with mr big and be with you. what people gotta know is that so many good players out there and just wast where they are. fair enough if he is happy. but alas. would love to see him just stick to his own guns
    Rhianna is just another hack thst everyone loves. It's amazing that people pay to see this crap and listen to her album. Where the f*** did the music go?
    I guess nobody can blame a guy named "skaternick98" for not understanding the finer points of modern soul and R&B. Rihanna is one of the best female singers out there right now. Just because you happen to not be a fan, doesn't mean you should aimlessly trash everything you don't like. Grow up, nobody will ever listen to your opinions if they're this narrow. Open your mind to new things, you might be impressed by what you discover. moron.
    hmm i wouldn't say she's one of the best. And her music isn't exactly soul or R&B. To me modern R&B would be more along the lines of Jennifer Hudson or Alicia Keys. But i agree with your statement about being open minded. Rihanna has some pretty catchy songs that are actually nice to listen to. Yeah it's not as well thought out as many of the bands i listen to but music is music and as long as it sounds good i'm cool with it.
    Rihanna is one of the worst singers in the charts at the moment and her success is completely disproportional to her talent. You don't have to be a genius to realise this, you just have to see videos of her live to know she has no voice, as well as listen to the garbage songs about sucking cock that she produces.
    This guy just goes for the money, hence why he was in Extreme. Couldn't care less what multi-million nobody he's playing for.
    Better than Vai! By far. One of the best guitarists every to grace 6 strings!
    He was known as the next eddie van halen when he came out but he's great at many styles which makes him better then most of the big names its not the same thing over n over he's got variety
    If I can enjoy Jerry Cantrell playing country music , than I am sure I can deal with this for a minute.. Just don't leave Rock forever