Fairyland To Continue As Solo Project

French symphonic metallers Fairyland have one song finished 100% and four more at an advanced stage for their upcoming album.

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Philippe Giordana, keyboardist/ backing vocalist for French symphonic metallers Fairyland, has issued the following update:

"I just dove into the song writing phase for the next album, with already one song finished 100% and four more that are at an advanced stage. Fairyland will now present itself as a solo project, without any permanent lineup. Some posts, such as drums and rhythmic guitars, will probably be held throughout the album by the same guests in order to keep a main guideline. For the rest, many guests will bring their personal participation, giving a 'metal-opera' touch to the different songs. The guests list is getting longer day after day, with already a few names that will be quite familiar to metal fans. More news coming soon."

Back in late July, Philippe Giordana announced that "Anthony [Parker; guitar], Vincent [Kreyder; drums], Tom [Cesario; guitar, bass] and Max [Leclercq; vocals] have decided to leave Fairyland and go on with their own project. The reasons for their departure have not been clearly expressed, and the way they handled the whole business, with direct announcement on Fairyland's forum prior to any kind of discussion with Intromental Management, Napalm Records, Marquee Avalon, Burrn! Corporation or even me, was not very professional. However, it is their decision and I wish them all the luck they will need to make their new project break through."

Fairyland's latest album, "The Fall of an Empire", was released earlier in the year via Napalm Records and was accompanied by the reissue of the band's "Of Wars in Osyrhia" debut (2003).

Watch video footage of Fairyland performing the song "Doryan the Enlightened" live in Paris.

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