Faith No More Guitarist Breaks Silence

After 15 years, Jim Martin has finally revealed the real reason why he quit the band at the peak of their success - and why he shunned their 2009 reunion shows.

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Faith No More guitarist Jim Martin has finally broken his 15-year silence on why he quit the band at the peak of their success.

Martin also explained that he didn't take part in their 2009 reunion because they didn't consult him before plans to reunite moved forward.

He felt that the album they had released at the time, "Angel Dust", was "more contrived musically than I thought was necessary." He says that pressure from management and the record company made them rush the album, whereas he wanted to spend more time in the studio.

"Producer Matt Wallace [and the ] management and the record company were calling me complaining about Mike Patton's performance and desire for outside projects," said Martin (via Classic Rock). Patton eventually left the band to focus on a raft of side projects.

Martin continued: "The record company president came in the studio and said: 'I hope nobody bought houses.' All the air got sucked out of the room. That was one of those great moments when reality slaps you in the face.

"The pressure was on, and everyone wanted to be in the studio with me while I recorded... I had to kick everyone out, and even though it was not a new concept it really pissed everyone off."

The pressure eventually drove him to quit, though until that point he still enjoyed playing live, where their recordings took a heavier edge.

So why didn't Martin decide to come back for their reunion shows? Here's his side of the story:

"In February 2009, Roddy Bottum called and said they were just beginning to think of putting something together, and just now feeling out everyone, and what did I think?

"I said I was interested - I also told him I knew the tour was already booked, they were on the eve of announcing it, and it was time to sign the deals. I told him to send over the contracts so I could review them and started pressing management for details.

"Several days later, I was able to get management on the phone who told me they decided to use someone else. I know it's odd - no, you didn't miss anything. It happened just like that.

"In an effort to preclude any sloppy misinformation, I made the announcement that I would not be participating in the rumoured reunion dates, several days before they made their announcement."

Regretfully, he's ruled out any future appearances at any future Faith No More reunions, but would like to work on his own musical projects when he and his associates find time between raising families.

Watch Jim in action with Faith No More back in the day.

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    Jim Martin seems like a class act. No whining or moaning in this article. I would be pretty upset in his situation.
    Labels can ****ing suck sometimes...
    Most musicians I spoke to tend to say that's their primary function.
    Alien Ant Farm's "Third Draft", eventually released as "Up in the Attic" is an example. Geffen let them record it, then promptly denied them rights to release it. AAF bootlegged it, and eventually Geffen let them release it, but Geffen still screwed the band. Big-name record companies suck.
    Sounds like revisionist history to me. All these years I've consistently read that he quit because his ideas were not being considered for the new music (of Angel Dust) and that the band was becoming very Patton-centric.
    I like Jim Martin and I don't think that he particularly needs to be part of a FNM reunion. He seems to be at a pretty good place in his life. I don't what his financials look like but he seems pretty happy and he's growing his pumpkins, spending time with his family (?) and his legacy is secure. Plus he looks like a very normal guy nowadays as his hair, beard and funky shades are gone. If Patton went "Welcome to the stage....JIM MARTIN!!!!", the crowd would go, "WAHHHHH!!!!.....huh?!" so it wouldn't be exactly the same. Big respect to him for walking away when it became less fun than it should have been.
    It amazes me what he actually looked like underneath all that fuzz. I swore he was like slashes hobo uncle when i was 8. I really wish he was on the last tour, the other guy, even though sonically ample, it just felt generic apart from Patton.
    I would still love to see FNM with Jim Martin. they were never the same without him
    FNM hasn't been the same since he left. Jim wasn't really appreciated when he was there but a huge piece of their sound left with him.
    I liked angel dust.... Would be nice to have him and his input back but oh well...
    GREAT story! Faith No More is one of the most underrated and misunderstood bands in rock history, period. I got to see them before they broke up around '98 but I wish I had gotten to see them with Jim.
    It baffles me how often I hear of bands that have had great albums, great tours, and popularity for a few years then hear from their label that there's no money! WTF? I know the Bay City Rollers aren't rock, but they sold hundreds of millions of albums. Then when they get to an age where playing to a bunch of screaming 12 year-olds is no longer fun and they want to rest on their laurels, they find that they are broke! The record companies tell them the money from sales and concerts all went to pay for hotels and food while they were in the band..screw that!
    Jim spent several years growing giant pumpkins and entering them in contests.
    Can somebody tell me what does say mike patton at the first video at 07? im spanish and i dont understand him
    'I hope nobody bought houses.' I would quit on that ****ing moment extremely pissed off, it would be a miracle if I don't punch the guy before quitting.