Faith No More Hint at New Album: 'Time to Get a Little Creative'

The band's first record since 1997 might be under way, more inside.

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Faith No More gave a strong hint that they are busy working on new material, possibly announcing the first studio effort since 1997's "Album of the Year."

Marking the first post on the band's new Twitter page, the group noted, "Hey! Stay tuned for more Tweets from Twats! The reunion thing was fun, but now it's time to get a little creative."

Following the 1998 break-up after the release of the group's sixth record, Faith No More got back on track in 2009, mostly rocking reunion shows and releasing "The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection" double compilation of hits and rarities.

Following the first announcement, a series of selfies from bassist Billy Gould has surfaced. But as far as the fresh stuff goes, we'll just have to wait for further updates.

Hey! Stay tuned for more Tweets from Twats!!! The reunion thing was fun, but now it's time to get a little creative.

— Faith No More (@FaithNoMore) May 30, 2014

— Faith No More (@FaithNoMore) May 31, 2014

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    This news is... Epic.
    This news is also... From Out Of Nowhere. It's great that Everything is Falling Into Pieces but they are The Real Thing.
    Might bust me out of my Midlife Crisis. If I could impart one wish unto them, it would be to Be Aggressive, and make sure its The Real Thing. I'll be waiting Naked In Front of the Computer
    I read article, became Jizzlobber.
    My world became a Land of Sunshine when I read the article. Mike Patton isn't Just A Man, he's a genius.
    Let's hope this is the real thing, instead of some crack hitler who just started a joke. Or else he'll learn the gentle art of making enemies and well beat his ass until he's ugly in the morning.
    Normally I can't get too excited about "reunion" albums because more times than not the magic is not there... But faith no more? Faith no more is different... BRING IT ON!
    My thoughts exactly! Of course I'm a little bit afraid, but these guys should not disappoint - I hope they'll keep this magic.
    "Hey! Stay tuned for more Tweets from Twats!!!" This cracked me up. Anyway, I really hope this is true. You can't go wrong with Mr. Mike Patton.
    The idea of new Faith No More material is so, so awesome. They're one of the most influential, brilliant bands of the 80's and 90's and I'd love to hear the kind of material they could write today...
    Even if Jim Bag might not be there I expect some good stuff
    Hopefully, it'll either be him or the guy from Mr. Bungle who played on King For a Day, Fool for a Lifetime and (I believe) Album of the Year. I think they toured with a different guitarist recently. Regardless of who the primary guitaris is, it'd be cool to at least have Jim Martin do a guest guitar solo or something. His tone, as well as his playing, was always so cool.
    Trey Spruance played on "King for a Day..." but did not tour it. Jon Hudson is the guitarist, and played on "Album of the Year". Honestly, I don't have much of a preference - the bass and vocals really make FNM for me.
    It'll most likely be Jon Hudson. He was the last guitarist in the band, and the guitarist for the reunion tour. I'm pretty sure that Patton and Spruance don't get along... hence one of the reasons why Bungle has never gotten back together. I might be wrong about that though. Haven't had a Patton phase in a little while but I think I feel one coming... haha
    It won't be Jim, almost certainly Trey Spruance.
    It won't be Spruance… to paraphrase Patton… "He can play whatever you want, but he'll **** everything else up"… Jon Hudson is the guitar player for Faith No More.
    HOLY JOSEPH, MARY, AND THE BABY JESUS!!!! Please let this be the case. I would love a new FNM album. It would be great if Jim Martin played on it as well, but I am not getting my hopes up. With that being said, a tour to to support the album would be freaking amazing!
    That photo of Mike above reminds me of the time I ran into him in San Francisco. My (now wife) and I were checking into a hotel near the harbor and stepped outside to try to find a place to eat nearby. He and I assume his girlfriend or whatever happened to be walking up to the sushi restaurant next door to the hotel. Of course we decided to have dinner there too, so we sat and ate dinner a few tables away from probably my biggest musical hero. Of course, he was wearing that goofy gold chain.
    I think it's hilarious how so many people who HATE "nu-metal" love the crap out of Faith No More, who basically invented the genre (for better or for worse). I've been a fan of FNM since I saw them perform on Saturday Night Live around 1990 and they're till one of my favorite bands.
    vikkyvik think Faith No More and Limp Bizkit are the same? Nu-Metal bands may have been influenced by FNM, but that does not make FNM a nu-metal band. By any stretch of imagination.
    No, I don't think FNM and Limp Bizkit are the same. However, if you ask any Nu-Metal band which band inspired them to start a band, they will almost always say Faith No More. Nu-Metal was basically funky/hip-hoppy rhythm bass and drums with hard rock/metal guitar riffs, usually employing some form of whisper/sing/rap/scream dynamics. I'm not saying they were the first band to put rock and rap together; but they did it better than anyone had and were the first to be taken seriously.
    but they did it better than anyone That being the case, why is if hilarious that people would like FNM but not Nu-Metal?
    My point is that if you think the band that defined the genre is awesome, then you don't hate the genre. You just hate a bunch of the bands that suck at it. Everyone just loves to hate on Nu-Metal because the name of the genre sounds stupid. A lot of the same bands, if you call them "alternative metal," will all of a sudden be cool again.
    Faith No More did not define the genre of nu-metal. I can't think of a nu-metal band that doesn't suck at it. All those bands with misspelled names. Linkin Park, Trapt, Staind… the list goes on. Faith No More is not on it.
    Faith No More... nu-metal? Come on. They're so much more diverse than that. Their metal approach always seemed like a blend of 80's funk metal with contemporary screaming Patton vocals. If anything, their metal is either stylistically Living Colour or downright avant-garde. They stand on their own. That's like calling Rage "nu-metal." Come on.
    Didn't really dig the old FNM stuff a few songs aside but I'll definitely be checking this out. Patton has been ruthless with the stuff he's released in the last few years.