Faith No More Not Reuniting

Faith No More have dismissed rumours they are planning a reunion, 10 years after splitting.

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Eighties rockers Faith No More have dismissed rumours they are planning a reunion, 10 years after splitting.

Bandmembers went their separate ways in 1998, a year after the release of the group's final LP, Album Of The Year - which went on to sell 1.5 million copies worldwide.

Since the split, frontman Mike Patton has gone onto achieve success as a solo artist, and released music with a number of groups including Mr Bungle and Tomahawk.

But gossips in the UK recently speculated the Epic hitmakers are planning a 2009 comeback, after music magazine Kerrang! reported that a number of British venues and festivals have been put on hold for a reunion tour in the spring and summer.

However, bass player Billy Gould insists a comeback is unlikely - because he hasn't spoken to his former bandmates in years. He tells Kerrang!, "If anything like this were to happen, it would have to come from the band, and I haven't spoken with any of them in over a year. So as far as I know, there isn't anything to talk about, and I'm pretty sure that if you were to contact Patton, he would tell you the same thing."

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    Eighties Rockers? Really? This reporter does know that the majority of there albums were released in the nineties right (Well at least the good ones)? But Nevertheless it is a shame that they won't be returning. At least Mike Patton is still releasing quality music (I don't care what anyone says... Peeping Tom is Fucking Amazing).
    PLEASE COME BACK, I like Mr Bungle and Fantomas, but for live music Faith no more is just the essential band. I know Mike has a lot of projects at the moment, I doubt he'd turn down messing around with an old one!
    Eighties rockers? They were most famous in the nineties. And what was the point of this article? It just repeats what was said in the last one.
    Surprise! They're dead! Also, can't help but notice they used the exact same quote as evidence both FOR and AGAINST a FNM reunion.
    Damn, I kinda freaked out when I heard this news. I've been expecting FNM to come back for many years now. I was born in 1989, the same year The Real Thing came out, and I would have been too young to see them when they were around before their split.
    I'm pretty sure its common knowledge that Patton won't ever do it. He's all about moving on and doing new things. Not dweling on past glories. And good on him.
    I know Jim Martin is having a great time growing giant couldn't even recognize him today...all clean-cut. He said something like anybody can be a rock star, but not everyone can grow giant pumpkins. Even though, they need to reunite. They're one of the pioneers that led to music styles of Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit. It also depends on Ozzy going on tour....Mike Bordin has been his drummer.