Fall Of Troy Go On Hiatus

The Fall Of Troy's guitarist/vocalist Thomas Serak said that the band will be going on hiatus after completing their ongoing tour.

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According to a post on the band's messageboard by Thomas Serak [guitars, vocals], The Fall Of Troy will be going on hiatus after completing their ongoing tour with the #12 Looks Like You, The Blackout Pact and Heavy Heavy Low Low.

Here what Serak say:

"Without giving any of you details that you don't need... The last 2 days have been the hardest days for this band ever. People have done everything that we never wanted to do. We've been on the road now for a very very long time, and last night was the culmination of it all... We are very sorry for the actions we took, but we just couldn't control it. I walked off the stage because I felt embarrasses of it all, I didn't want to come back out, but I came back out for you guys? The kids! 'Cause I fucking care more about you guys than this fucking band. We love each and everyone of you, so please try to understand were going through some very difficult times but we are trying to make it through.

"We will be finishing the dates with #12 than going on an indefinate break following. We are going to try to get new songs together and get our heads straight... We don't want this band to end, but we don't want it to continue on in the fashion it has been lately. We are extremely sorry to you guys in Indiana and Ohio. You kids were awesome and should've been given the insane show you deserved. And hopefully next time, we'll do so."

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    Man, TFOT is my favorite band of all time. It breaks my heart that even the THOUGHT of splitting is crossing their minds. I had the honor of drinking coffee with them in my local IHOP. It kicked major ass and they were very nice guys. I haven't had the chance to see them live, but I look forward to a future chance. Stay strong you guys!
    From Thom: To follow up to our last post. We are not going to be going on "indefinate hiatus". We will be finishing out the dates were on out to Bamboozle fest, then going out and doing the Black Unicorn Tour with He Is Legend. After that we are going to be taking a break from touring. We are all extremely flattered about the outpour of support and appreciation from everyone that has contacted us in this time. We had no idea how many fans, magazines, and bands are here for us not only as a band, but as people. We love you all and are very excited about finishing up these last shows in the next couple months.
    Man, I can understand why they're on hiatus. Fuck, if I had a fanbase like there's, I'd go out Kobain style. [read the post above me for an example.]
    he is just going to come home and work with the hills have eyes and then make a new FOT record don't even worry about i got the in side info
    j0nmcc wrote: And for the person who said they were emo (which i deleted)...shush.
    *laughs* shushing dont work in columns (unfortunatly :-p )
    Dang, those new songs they were working on were so tight. Now it looks like they're going to be even more delayed in their official debut.
    Ambulance X
    Let me clear up a few things for those of you who cannot read correctly. 1. The Fall of Troy is not breaking up! For all those people who only notice things in caps, THE FALL OF TROY IS NOT BREAKING UP! Jesus people, learn how to read. Thom said this is merely a hiatus and they aren't pulling an ATDI. 2. If anything, this hiatus will speed up the writing process for the new album. As said in the post, they will get their heads together and write new songs in this hiatus. 3. Thom will also probably focus on the Hills Have Eyes during this hiatus. They should have an album out by next year and are supposed to tour with HeavyHeavyLowLow this Fall. 4. The dates with He Is Legend and the Warped Tour are up in the air. He is Legend is highly unlikely, but the Warped Tour dates are a possibility. There. Read it so I don't have to post this for anymore idiots that don't read complete passages.
    UG got fooled by Thomas Erak's Forum name. Skeeeeelllzzzz. Well this is kind of old news but yeah they're still stickin' together so don't worry. Woot for Tim's new bass.
    MeGaDeth2314 wrote: No one ever said they were going to split up. They just need a break, which is perfectly understandable after a long time on the road.
    blink 182...
    Ha look at Jon go with his new found power... On topic, this is sad. I hope they're just getting things straight and sorting themselves out, because that's a) a sensible thing to do, and b) better than a split. I have every faith they're just going to take time out, and I respect them for letting the fans know whats going on.
    Why doesn't anyone ever use smilies in columns? Anyway, I'd be really dissappointed if they broke up, I've always heard they were the absolute friendliest guys ever.. And like, come on, the music frickin rocks. And like... yeah... don't break up. Please. Just in case they read UG columns.
    Rawrrr This makes me very sad, but the posibility of the writing process speeding up excites me. I really hope they go on warped, because they were the main reason for me going this year.
    The Fall Of Troy Is an one of the most unique rock bands out right now, and to see them go ou liek that would be a shame, I really really hope they stay together, so everyone can be ahppy that such an amazing band will be giving we the fans, the amazing music, The Fall Of Troy KICKS ASS!!!!!
    January Forever
    its thomas erak. this guys my hero, and i ****ing love him. not to be gay or anything. i cant believe i saw him, it was a dream come true
    No one ever said they were going to split up. They just need a break, which is perfectly understandable after a long time on the road.
    Eh... he is a good guitarist, but most of the singing in their songs ruins it all.
    NOOOOO,please!!!!They have a LOT of energy and their songs rock!Please don't split,guys!
    Ambulance X
    TFOT WILL be staying together. Thom said they're just regrouping and getting their act together. They probably aren't going on the Black Unicorn tour and Warped Tour is up in the air. Thom said that they're just going to chill out and write some new stuff during their hiatus. What happened in Columbus was just a culmination of their exhaustion and frustration of being on the road almost non-stop since August, supporting Doppelganger.
    The Fall Of Troy are amazing. That is a shame And for the person who said they were emo (which i deleted)...shush.
    I have no idea what they are talking about when they mention these incidents. Can somebody fill me in?
    what ! i just read a message from erak about the new album ! oh please god, the fall of troy are my absolute favorite band ever, please do not split up
    wahh half a year of touring. If they really cared they would finish the goddamn thing like most bands do when they really want their name out there. Oh and they don't **** up. This is coming from a fan btw.
    i dunno, that doesnt sound like a ton of touring. i mean of course ive never done it, but compared to other bands. i still like their music and hope that they dont officially split.
    every time i look at this headline i keep thinking i see fall out boy, and i get all excited, only to be shot down when i see that its another band going on hiatus
    I've only heard 2 songs by these guys, but they're really awesome. Now I'm all sad that I just found out about them. =(
    I love TFOT even though it's not forever i was gutted are they doing their uk tour? cause ive bought a ticket for the glasgow