Fall Of Troy Go On Hiatus

artist: The Fall of Troy date: 05/02/2006 category: music news
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Fall Of Troy Go On Hiatus
According to a post on the band's messageboard by Thomas Serak [guitars, vocals], The Fall Of Troy will be going on hiatus after completing their ongoing tour with the #12 Looks Like You, The Blackout Pact and Heavy Heavy Low Low. Here what Serak say: "Without giving any of you details that you don't need... The last 2 days have been the hardest days for this band ever. People have done everything that we never wanted to do. We've been on the road now for a very very long time, and last night was the culmination of it all... We are very sorry for the actions we took, but we just couldn't control it. I walked off the stage because I felt embarrasses of it all, I didn't want to come back out, but I came back out for you guys? The kids! 'Cause I fucking care more about you guys than this fucking band. We love each and everyone of you, so please try to understand were going through some very difficult times but we are trying to make it through. "We will be finishing the dates with #12 than going on an indefinate break following. We are going to try to get new songs together and get our heads straight... We don't want this band to end, but we don't want it to continue on in the fashion it has been lately. We are extremely sorry to you guys in Indiana and Ohio. You kids were awesome and should've been given the insane show you deserved. And hopefully next time, we'll do so."
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