Fall Out Boy 'Didn't Think That People Would Care' About The Band Reunion

Bassist Pete Wentz talks about the "reunion sex" the group has been having these days.

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Fall Out Boy are officially back after a four-year break with a new single and a full-length album coming in May. Despite the excitement for being back on track, the band apparently didn't think people would be too thrilled about the reunion.

In a recent interview with MTV, bassist Pete Wentz took some time to talk about the "reunion sex" the group's been having, admitting that they weren't too optimistic about the whole thing.

"When we got on stage in Chicago, it was crazy. It was a rush, because we honestly didn't think people would care, and that's the truth. But it felt like we didn't miss a beat. We're having the reunion sex, so like it's so awesome that we don't have to bring in the whips yet", Wentz tells MTV News.

According to bassist, the reunion is exceeding everyone's expectations, with the group already talking about working on new songs.

"We have other cool ideas. But we're definitely not in that part of being in a band where you're like 'Oh, well, this dude likes this song, so I guess we'll put it on the album, and we'll probably never play it and nobody will care about it'."

But Wentz has also added that things are definitely different now that he's older, expressing his worries over the way he should be acting on stage. He however remains optimistic, saying that it's "cool to do Fall Out Boy as Fall Out Men".

The fist single off the new album, titled "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)", features the popular rapper 2Chainz. Band has also confirmed the new global tour set to take place during February and March.

So what do you think about this one? Do you care about the Fall Out Boy comeback? And how about that "reunion sex" thing? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Fall Out Boy are an amazingly talented rock group. Said no one. ever.
    Was almost expecting the UG writer to put "Fall Out Boy Are Having Reunion Sex" as the headline.
    I mean, why are you people so witty when writing comments such as "we don't care hur dur", I mean, there's like, 45 comments like that on this single article. Fall Out Boy is an incredibly good band and also one of the bands carrying the rock flag for the last 10 years or so. Stop being so hate-fueled, people! I'm just kidding, they suck.
    Jesus, what a bunch of *****s. I've been a metalhead since I was in grade school and I love Fall Out Boy. They're good at what they do.
    They have had quite a few really good songs. I'm not a huge fan of them though. Their new song really blows ass too. They may of been better off apart really.
    Not really sure how Pete can say they didn't think people would care. The internet pretty much exploded each time there was a rumour of them getting back together!
    Most of these comments remind me of when I was a 15 year old "metalhead" around the time Fall Out Boy became popular. But then again, they've never released anything as bad as their new single back then.
    Take This to Your Grave is a badass album. you guys should give it a listen. just my opinion!
    If this site wasn't full of metalheads and actual diverse, these comments would be completely different.
    Battery Chicken
    Yeah I dunno, fall out boy kinda suck across multiple spectrums. I mean let's face facts, they're to punk what Nickleback are to rock.
    When did they claim to be full on punk? Lmao, that statement is totally moot
    Yeah, I really can't find it in me to even care about what a fallout boy is.
    He's Simpsons comic book character Radioactive Man's side kick, so it's pretty exciting that he's back!... oh, not him? oh well never mind then...
    God, these guys are such pussies. First Patrick Stump "quits" music for good, then they get back together a year later with a "secret new album", and then they get all nonchalant like they "didn't think that people would care"? This band is ****ed
    i'm going to remember the next next dump i take more than i will the fact fall out boy is back
    Give the boys a break. At least they have legitimate instruments in their songs (albeit minus the new one =/). Patrick has a load of vocal talent and the others back him up with solid playing. I'm happy they're back and I hope they don't have to read these comments because it may cause Pete to do some crazy publicity scheme (like actual reunion sex...).
    We care a lot! Wait. Fallout Boy? I thought we were talking abot Faith No More. I'd like to change my answer to I don't care.
    First off.... The album comes out in April, Great job UG on your research and trust me when I say that there's a hint of sarcasm there. Secondly, UG, if you're going to do a Fall Out Boy story only to (And successfully) provoke a "Partisan" response from the community, then you are no better than what Fox News does. If this site is going to be a "Partisan" website that writes positively for certain artists and negatively of others (Instead of actually writing with integrity and fairness) then at least come up with a bogus tagline to hide your lack of journalistic quality.. "Fair and Balanced" sounds good?
    These guys were good at making catchy energetic pop punk with creative (although depressing, but definitely better than most pop acts) lyrics, and were damn good at what they did. With this new album, I can barely hear an organic instrument - it seems like they're trying to make alternative rock, without the rock. Maybe it's just the pop-orientated over-production, but this album is definitely their weakest effort in terms of showing off the amazing multi-instrumental talent that Patrick Stump possesses.