Fall Out Boy Frontman Quits Music

artist: Patrick Stump date: 03/01/2012 category: music news
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Fall Out Boy Frontman Quits Music
Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump has lost interest in writing and performing music because of a constant onslaught of criticism from "haters". He made the claim a long blog post to answer those who slammed his 2011 debut solo album "Soul Punk" and Fall Out Boy's 2008 release "Folie A Deux". He says that some people will only ever care about one record he started at 18 - the Fall Out Boy debut - but found it hard to take the reaction to his later work. "Fall Out Boy's last album 'Folie A Deux' was our most critically panned and audiences openly hated it... at no other point in my professional career was I nearly booed off stages for playing new songs," he said. He writes at length about how the experience affected the band and made their touring experience a misery. After losing weight and touring his solo album, he began to see "we liked you better fat" comments, but sometimes received threatening letters - all of which left him unhappy. "I suppose I'm just not that thick-skinned," he said. As a result, he has stepped away from the spotlight and now works as a songwriter and producer, sometimes acting: "I still have access to enough money to live on in order to avoid bankruptcy for at least a few years as long as I stick to my budget, but money really isn't everything and it never was." Regardless, he is still considering a release to his unfinished follow-up to "Soul Punk", but has lost interest in performing publicly. He added: "It's as though I've received some big cosmic sign that says I should disappear. So I've kind of disappeared." Did Stump get a tough time, or does his music just suck? Share your view of his work in the comments.
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