Fall Out Boy Members Announce Metal Side Project

artist: Fall Out Boy date: 11/26/2009 category: music news
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Fall Out Boy Members Announce Metal Side Project
According to a report by Alternative Press, the members of Every Time I Die, Anthrax and Fall Out Boy have decided to form a metal side-project. The new band called The Damned Things will include Every Time I Die frontman Keith Buckley, guitarists Scott Ian and Rob Cagianno from Anthrax and guitarist Joe Trohman and drummer Andy Hurley from Fall Out Boy. Despite being recently announced, the new project is said to already have written more than 15 songs and have plans to record before Christmas. "We just started working on songs together and I really dug it," said Ian. "People think of Fall Out Boy and they think of Pete Wentz and Patrick. These two guys, man, they're f*cking hardcore dudes. Joe writes some amazing riffs. We have this song called "A Great Reckoning" that I swear to God, this song could be on any Thin Lizzy record. He f*cking blew my mind with this song and I just can't wait for people to hear it." Trohman also added his thoughts about the project and stated that everyone will be contributing in a different way. "Having Keith as part of the mix is insane, we all know he writes incredible lyrics but he is also a really good singer," he said. "That is showcased in Every Time I Die, but we want him to go more into singing than screaming on this project." Find out more about The Damned Things here.
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