Fall Out Boy Members Eat Their Own Organs in the Latest 'Young Volcanos' Video

Beautiful women force rockers to do disturbing things in the new NSFW video.

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Fall Out Boy have decided to continue the storyline of their previous video single "The Phoenix" with the latest video for "Young Volcanoes." The new single sees the band going from slightly weird to straight WTF, with a happier pop beat presenting the absolute opposite of what's actually happening in the video.

So after torturing the four-piece in "The Phoenix," a gang of beautiful women now has the boys tied up around a dinning table, forcing them to eat their own organs and snort certain colored powder. The fans' reactions seems to be as positive as with the previous single, which has already crossed the 5 million views mark on YouTube.

The song itself comes off the band's recently released new album "Save Rock and Roll." As the fifth studio effort from Fall Out Boy, it's also the first one the group has released after ending a 3-year hiatus this year. Prior to the official release, the album was streamed in full via Soundcloud.

In related news, the band has recently performed the "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)" single live on "Conan" show, paying a tribute to Spinal Tap along the way with the recreation of one of the scenes from the 1984 mockumentary.

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    So? Hot girls make me eat gross things while I'm tied up too, but you don't see me posting videos of it... ...or, at least not on UG.
    Dear UG, It has come to my attention that you've been posting a lot of Fall Out Boy articles recently. Please be aware that the majority of us couldn't care any less about Fall Out Boy, and take whatever steps necessary to restore the relevance of the music related news articles you publish. Yours faithfully, UG Community.