Fall Out Boy: 'Music Inspires People, It's Important to Take That Seriously as Musician'

"Kids are making a big difference, we need to encourage that," says singer Patrick Stump.

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Taking part in this year's Halo Awards, pop punks Fall Out Boy briefly discussed the importance of staying true to yourself as an artist and using the influence brought by the music industry in more serious manner. "Music really inspires people, so it's important as a musician to take that seriously and take that responsibly, because the kids that are here tonight are actually making a big difference and we need to encourage that," singer Patrick Stump told Fuse. Started by actor Nick Cannon, Halo Awards also included Darren Criss and Queen Latifah among this year's participants. As for Fall Out Boy, the band was recently announced as one of main supports at next year's Download festival. The band's latest studio effort, "Save Rock and Roll," saw its release on April 12 via Islands Records as the fifth record in FoB opus. With 154,000 units shipped in the US within the first week, the album landed at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    I may not like this guy or his band for that matter, but what he says is completely true.
    Save Rock n Roll isn't their latest studio effort, just their latest full album. A lot of people haven't taken notice to their recent EP, Pax Am Days, which is probably the best thing they've ever done, it's actual real-life punk.
    I find it quite puzzling that some people are so impressed by Pax Am Days. It's really fun and I've enjoyed it, but those guys could have written that in 2 days when they were 15. "Actual" punk was their pre-FOB kiddie pool and they've incorporated other influences in each album and in their side projects. I know some people can't get over production and don't care enough to see how they arrange these songs for live performances. All that aside, SRAR's complexity (composition, lyrics, instrumentation, etc.) is exponentially higher than that of Pax Am Days and I could never consider a jam session better work than a meticulously crafted album.
    I love fall out boy! inspiring.. save rock and roll \m/
    you mean that crappy album which barely contained actual rock that was supposed to save rock and roll? yeah...
    It was tongue on cheek dude. They know they're pop, they did it to piss off people like you!
    Taking music seriously. You mean calling your album Save Rock and Roll despite it practically being an antipathy of saving rock and roll?
    You all seemed to overlook that there's an "A" missing at the end of that headline. I wonder if that had to do with the band they choose to write about.