Fall Out Boy on Download Slot: 'We Started in Hardcore'

The band claim they are "no strangers to a mosh pit" ahead of UK festival show.

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Fall Out Boy have defended their billing at this years Download festival, claiming that despite their heavy pop leanings they are at heart a metal band.

Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump told Gigwise that they are still at heart a hardcore band. At the same time he outlined that when they play more mainstream shows they are deemed too heavy and with the heavier shows are considered too light. Despite this, Stump maintains that what they learnt on the hardcore scene was to play with passion and that is what will carry them through.

"I think that one of the things our band has always kind of been is like when we play more pop shows we're uh-oh, like Slayer and when we play heavier shows..." said Wentz. "Interesting thing with our catalogue now I'd say like 'The Phoenix' and songs like 'Thriller' and 'Sugar,' we have a bunch of songs that are probably leaning towards our heavier side and we're able to play those.

"Then the guys in Linkin Park are friends of ours and to go over there and try and earn some of their fans will be cool. We grew up in the hardcore scene so we're no stranger to a mosh pit."

"At the end of the day I think it all just matters how you play it," said Patrick Stump. "I've seen bands with two acoustic guitars go up against metal bands and totally fit in because when you play heavy, when you play with that amount of passion everyone gets it.

"Because we started in hardcore we never lost that kind of mentality in terms of the way we play, it's just the music doesn't sound like our hardcore records anymore. It's not like that part of us just stopped you know? In sound check it's pretty much us playing metal right up until we have to play our songs."

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    "I've seen bands with two acoustic guitars go up against metal bands and totally fit in" Yeah, but Tenacious D can do ANYTHING.
    Shouldn't this be under the fiction category?
    A lot of bands like FOB have their roots in the Punk/Hardcore scenes, even if the band isn't Hardcore. Sure FOB aren't a Hardcore band, but that doesn't mean that Patrick Stump or Pete Wentz didn't jam to Black Flag or Minor Threat during their youth.
    I hate Fall Out Boy but they all came from the Chicago Hardcore scene and all played in Hardcore bands pre-FOB. Hell, Goo Goo Dolls were Punk and signed to Metal Blade Records before "Name" and "Iris" came out. So no. Not fiction. Fact.
    the fact that "Name" came out on Metal Blade Records continues to amuse me, and the fact that the "A Boy Named Goo" album was the first 2x platinum Metal Blade release.
    i would rather put a campfire out with my face then be seen in a fall out boy pit
    Starting in hardcore and being a hardcore band are two completely separate things. What you used to do doesn't change the fact that you're essentially a pop act.
    No, I totally get what Wentz is saying, even though usually what he says is just crapping out his mouth. The scene you were brought up in will affect the vibe of what you do, so even though they are essentially a pop band that really did (up until Folie a Deux, anyway) have a different vibe to most pop-punk. They sure weren't hardcore, but watch Andy Hurley or Joe Trohman, or even Wentz and their stage vibe around Cork Tree is kinda hardcore-based. Besides which, you can be a huge fan of one genre and play something entirely different. That doesn't make you weak, it just means you have a versatile taste in music. As long as the music is good...
    What they used to play is pretty much irrelevant, they'll still be playing pop music at a metal festival, whether they're used to prepubescent teenage girls moshing or not.
    I'm a big fan but they have never been hardcore. Never.
    Ok, some tunes were heav for FOB songs, like Carpal Tunnel of Love. But they generally aren't hardcore, the number of rock songs outweigh the hardcore songs, even the rock/pop songs outweigh it.
    The first time I ever heard Fall Out Boy was a weird "misheard lyrics" video, so of course my opinion of them is a little jaded. Still, they suck.
    '...claiming that despite their heavy pop leanings they are at heart a metal band.' - From the article. Sorry, but this made me laugh... 'heavy pop' and the last bit? Sorry but no.
    their drummer guested on an Vegan Reich release and their singer on an Weekend Nachos-song, so they've got cred for days 4 sure