Fall Out Boy on New Music: 'Things Are Happening'

Pete Wentz tells fans to "expect it when you least expect it."

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Fall Out Boy have discussed the follow up to 2013 EP "Pax AM," saying that they have a few pieces in the works and may turn their talents to rapping.

Speaking at this months gig at Wembley Arena, Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump stated that their collaboration with Ryan Adams was very much a spur of the moment thing and that the follow up may be along similar lines. However Wentz reiterated that it won't be coming when fans are ready for it, rather it will be a surprise.

"I would say that we're not very far along but I would say that we're also not focused," said Pete. "We're the kind of band I think that with version 2.0 of what we're doing right now ... Like 'Pax Am' was very spur of the moment and I think we have other spur of the moment things that will and are happening, but we'll get sidetracked.

"I feel like we're definitely at the point where we're doing Fall Out Boy the way we want to and using the methods we want to use. At the last time you expect it I would say expect it," he elaborated.

Following on from the comments Wentz jokes that they may become rappers: "I'd like to say that we will be rappers from now on and all past material will not be performed anymore." To which Stump added: "Sincerely, we're growing beards, wearing sunglasses and appearing on David Letterman."

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    look at the mindless downvoting of fall out boy articles honestly if mustaine, fred durst, courtney love and fall out boy got together and cured cancer, aids achieved world peace and solved famine and thirst the world over ug would STILL find a way to badmouth them and downvote the article
    I'm intrigued with this, wondering if they will return to rock or punk (with no pop) after Pax Am Days. I agree with you, people are too quick to hate without seeing what they are actually hating (I'm no exception).
    The other two guys are severely wasted talent in this band.
    THANK YOU! i seriously thought i was the only one that truly believed that. the drummer is still in a couple of hardcore bands is is really skilled.
    Their last album was called "Pax Am Days" UG. If you're going to be a clearly biased site and write articles so your audience can bash certain bands, at least get your shit straight. I'd say this site is the equivalent to Fox News on a clear bias level. This is another prime example of just plain lazy journalism. I can't believe the people that are writing these articles are actually employed by a music site. They should be writing for a 15 year old's Tumblr page.
    No gd musice has cum out since lyk da 1980s!
    Wtf is this? South African? Or just awful?
    so as a South African, i might take offense to this. Either you're questioning if it is a poor use of Afrikaans (a common language used in SA) OR you're just being a knob and mocking the intellect of South Africans
    I wonder... I'm hoping that this is going to be more, actual rock music than pop-rock. Pax Am Days was better, if they released that instead of SR&R, it may have made more sense. I'm going to wait though... Grew up with FOB, so SR&R was a bit of a shame