Fall Out Boy: 'Rock and Roll Means More Than Leather Jackets and Blues Riffs'

Emo rockers discuss the way they grasp the concept of rock music, biggest success of their career and more.

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Emo rockers Fall Out Boy have caused a lot of stir in the rock community with the title of their new album "Save Rock And Roll." Despite bassist Pete Wentz describing it as "a little tongue in cheek," a large number of rock fans simply couldn't comprehend the idea of band's latest pop approach being labeled as the genre's savior.

In a recent Huffington Post interview, the group discussed their approach to making music and the way they grasp the rock concept in general.

"Rock and roll means more than leather jackets and blues riffs," Wentz said. "We're never going to be a Pitchfork band, we're just not those kind of darlings and we never aspired to be. But I think that we could be a band that's a gateway drug for people. Like, 'They were wearing this band's shirt on stage so I'll check them out,' or 'They made me feel all right, so I know I could be a weirdo in high school and feel like I fit in.' That's what this record, to me, inspires. It needs to unlock something in all of those kids, and if it does, then it's done its job."

Singer Patrick Stump added, "Everyone wants to pretend like they sprang out of the ground with an Animal Collective record in their hands and a David Bowie haircut, and that's just not the case. You discover these things gradually."

Among a wide range of special guests on the new album, one name stands out the most legendary Elton John. It is that very same collaboration that Stump considers possibly the biggest success of his career, naming it as a point when the band realized they "really made it."

"People always ask you this canned question, like 'When did you guys realize you made it?' And we've been doing this for 10 years, and I think the moment we realized we really made it is sitting in the studio with Elton John, because that's not one of the things I thought was in the realm of possibility."

Starting today, "Save Rock and Roll" is available worldwide via Island Records. Prior to the official release, the album was streamed in full, after releasing a total of two video singles "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)" and "The Phoenix."

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    Mr Brownst0ne
    leather jackets? blues riffs!? SIGN ME UP!! if only that's what rock n roll was anymore.
    Yeah, seriously...or at least let's give some of the "blue-rock" artists like the Black Keys some *original* blues riffs.
    I think what Wentz meant to say was - "I'm an attention seeking prick and I gave this album this name just to wind everyone up and spark a backlash that will hype up the record for us"
    Why does UG give any attention to this band? What's next? A Lil Wayne album review because he owns a guitar and occasionally rapes it?
    I'll say it one more time...FOB would not know a ROCK song if it came up and hit one of the POP WIMPS in the face and that goes for the majority of so called BANDS for the last 15-20 years....
    This is retarded. Rock n roll was never a fashion statement and will never be.
    m sorry but rock and roll was always a fashion statement. elvis with his promiscuous dancing, led zep with their weird dragon suits, sex pistols and punk dress, judas priest and the s and m clothing. not to say its all about a fashion statement, but theres a reason rockers wear band t's and jeans and not polo shirts
    rock was never about fashion, it was about "**** you" and if any real bands (unlike the one currently disgracing this website) dressed oddly or had a certain fashion it's because they didnt give a shit what others thought about what they were wearing; they liked it and **** everyone else. TL;DR - Fall out toddlers can go suck a cock for claiming to "save rock and roll." The best way they could do that is quit.
    Nah. Led zep and Elvis were nothing without their music. Their music brought them the fame before they even make their own signature fashion. If their music were shit, no one would give two sweaty ballsacks about what they wore.
    well to be fair elvis was nothing without black music. same goes for a lot of british bands in the 70s without delta blues. and if your last point were true then no one would care about the sex pistols. read up on them a bit and listen to their music and then tell me that they werent a fashion statement. not saying rock music as a whole is about fashion, but fashion is a big part of it wheter you realize it or like it or not
    Fashion has nothing to do with these rock wannabes. This cd is nothing but damn club music. Such a shame too. Patrick is a great vocalist.
    My thoughts exactly. A vast majority of today's music regardless of genre can track it's roots to the blues. The Blues ARE rock and roll (leather jacket not included). Side point: as the mighty Frank Zappa once said, "No change in musical style will survive unless it is accompanied by a change in clothing style. Rock is to dress up to."
    Kind of understand what he said about the band being a 'gateway drug' for rock music.
    Emo rockers? They aren't even close to emo. What, are 15 year old girls writing these articles now?
    Sure they're emo. They have extremely emotional, soulful, and poppy vocals that actually speak to people with beast alternative/pop-rock instrumentals, so yeah, they're emo. Give me one GOOD reason to hate them. I dare you.
    Did I say they're a terrible band? Did I say you shouldn't like them? Did I tell you there is any reason for people to not listen to them? No, I said they aren't emo. Emo died in the late 90s/early 2000s. It sounded nothing like Fall Out Boy. Lyrical content doesn't define a genre. I could make a pop song about death and that wouldn't make it metal. Alternative and Pop Rock instrumental work also has nothing in common with Emo music. Educate yourself on music history if you're going to try arguing about it.
    Patrick Stump: "Our collaboration with Elton John made me realize that we had made it as a band." Kurt Cobain: "Bitch, please. You haven't made it as a band until you've been parodied by Weird Al Yankovic."
    is that a real quote from Cobain?
    No but I read somewhere that when Weird Al made Smells Like Nirvana, Kurt took that as a sign that the band had made it
    At that point in the industry, having your song parodied by Weird Al was taken as a sign you made it.
    Tell you the truth I didnt read the article I just came to see the comments about the article title and needless to say I'm very amused
    rock and roll is a term which has been used soo many times in the wrong context, just like the devil horns. Get over it
    "Rock and roll means more than leather jackets and blues riffs" ...No, actually, that's pretty much what rock and roll is.
    Haven't we already agreed that the title is ironic, Fall Out Boy is talented, and Pete Wentz is an ass and a shitty bassist?
    So many pretentious people who judge this album just cuz its FOB and they expect something from 2002, and are insecure about what people might think if they admit to enjoying it. These are awesome intense pop rock songs, great melodies, hard hitting beats and vocals. Turn it up loud and enjoy it. I can't stand when people hate on bands just cuz they are "cool to hate". Take it for what it is, and its pretty good.
    But I don't enjoy pop rock. I enjoy pop, I enjoy rock, but I can't do 'em both at once.
    rock is about more than skinny jeans and being a whiny prick too.