Fall Out Boy to Premiere New Single on Radio 1 Next Week

The track will be Zane Lowe's hottest record on Monday.

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Fall Out Boy have revealed they'll be premiering their new song next Monday on BBC Radio 1.

As Gigwise notes, DJ Zane Lowe confirmed the news on his late night slot on September 3, telling listeners that the new track will be his "Hottest Record" on Monday, and will air alongside an interview with the band's bassist, Pete Wentz.

Rumours of a new song have been circulating ever since the band posted a casting call online asking for "various characters in roman themed setting" for a "'Centuries' music video."

In a recent interview with Canoe.ca, Wentz discussed the band's new music, saying, "It sounds different than any of the other stuff. If anything, I think that we're far more open now to doing something that's, like, probably outside of what people would consider our genre or who we are."

The new song, which is presumably called 'Centuries', if the casting call is to be trusted, will premiere on Monday, 8 September on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show.

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    As a long-time (and now pretty disappointed) FOB fan, I REALLY hope it's more like Pax AM Days and less like Save Rock & Roll.
    As much as I'd like that I wouldn't be surprised if it sounds like a save rock & roll bside
    Zane Lowe gets on my ****ing nipples , don't ever take anything from his recommendations , bet he has never heard any piece of music more than once !! So cool man , Keep your fall out twat Zane , we don't want them .....
    I hope this is more like their early days and not that shit that came from "Save Rock and Roll." I enjoyed Folie à Deux, but SRaR was complete shit.