Fall Out Boy: 'We Have to Make an Album Before the End of the Year'

"I feel like you can just put out whatever and as long as it's authentic," bassist Pete Wentz says.

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Following their latest chart-topping effort, last year's "Save Rock and Roll," pop punks Fall Out Boy have gone back into the writing mode again, and even feel obligated to make the new record by the end of 2014.

Asked by Billboard about the group's current musical activity, bassist Pete Wentz replied, "We're writing. I was just listening to something Patrick [Stump] had written in the trailer.

"So we're writing, finishing out the album cycle in South Africa in September and then I feel like the great thing about what internet culture has morphed into, we were goofing around with this weird French producer the other day just for the heck of it. And I feel like you can just put out whatever and as long as it's authentic to who you are. It can be singles or an EP, it's just whatever you want," he added.

Discussing the role of albums on today's music scene, Pete noted, "It's about curation now, so it's about curating a vibe. So it's like, 'Oh, here's an EP that's this thing.' We were able to do 12 videos that's one narrative, I don't feel like five years ago we could've pitched that to anybody. But now I think there's room for different kinds of ideas to come around in every way except for maybe like, 'Let's put out a really long album.'"

Finally, the bassist gave an update on the new material, saying, "I feel like it has to be before the end of the year. But we haven't set a date yet or what it's going to be like. I feel like you can just put out songs that you care about now."

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    hmmm let me gess da cord progession of evry song on da album: G D Em C.
    As a long-time FOB fan, I agree they need to put out something soon. To make up for the garbage that was Save Rock & Roll. That was a HUGE let-down after getting so excited about them getting back together. But Pax Am Days was fantastic, so there's still hope for this next album.
    Well Pax Am Days was excellent, lets just hope they go back to their roots
    It was good, yeah. If they went back to more rock music, rather than pop/rock, I wouldn't mind listening to them again. Otherwise thanks for the memories FOB (sorry about the 'joke').
    The title quote just makes it sound like he really has no standards. The article didn't change my mind this time.