Fall Out Boy: 'We Want to Be Like Metallica'

artist: Fall Out Boy date: 04/03/2014 category: music news
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Fall Out Boy: 'We Want to Be Like Metallica'
Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz recently shared hopes for the band to become more like Metallica in certain terms.

Chatting with Radio.com, Pete was asked about the group's musical and business plans for the upcoming decade. Explaining how he still wants to learn a lot about marketing on the business side, the bassist switched to Metallica.

"Musically, I look at a band like Metallica and when people talk about Metallica, Metallica is the descriptor for the band, like when people say 'such-and-such band sounds like Metallica.' I would love to be a band where people say 'oh that band sounds like Fall Out Boy.' And I think that the way you do that is by creating a legacy and by remaining true to who you are and most importantly, just surviving," he explained.

During the rest of the chat, Pete focused on the gaming world and the band's signature Flappy Bird edition - "Fall Out Bird." The interviewer pulled out some interesting data, noting that the original Flappy Bird brings in $50,000 of daily income, adding that the creators of "Candy Crush" have a whopping $7 billion net worth.

"It makes me feel like I was one of those people that delivered their profit to them, I love playing 'Candy Crush,'" the bassist said. "To me it's inspiring when people come from left field with a vision that works and that can change the gaming model as they did. I remember reading an article on King and they had perfected this model of giving super positive feedback and then allowing users to buy levels and buy codes just when people were ready to break and that's really interesting to me. I don't think that that's something that Fall Out Boy or our games have considered."
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