Fall Out Boy: 'We Want to Be Like Metallica'

Pop punks hoping to reach the status of metal giants.

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Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz recently shared hopes for the band to become more like Metallica in certain terms.

Chatting with Radio.com, Pete was asked about the group's musical and business plans for the upcoming decade. Explaining how he still wants to learn a lot about marketing on the business side, the bassist switched to Metallica.

"Musically, I look at a band like Metallica and when people talk about Metallica, Metallica is the descriptor for the band, like when people say 'such-and-such band sounds like Metallica.' I would love to be a band where people say 'oh that band sounds like Fall Out Boy.' And I think that the way you do that is by creating a legacy and by remaining true to who you are and most importantly, just surviving," he explained.

During the rest of the chat, Pete focused on the gaming world and the band's signature Flappy Bird edition - "Fall Out Bird." The interviewer pulled out some interesting data, noting that the original Flappy Bird brings in $50,000 of daily income, adding that the creators of "Candy Crush" have a whopping $7 billion net worth.

"It makes me feel like I was one of those people that delivered their profit to them, I love playing 'Candy Crush,'" the bassist said. "To me it's inspiring when people come from left field with a vision that works and that can change the gaming model as they did. I remember reading an article on King and they had perfected this model of giving super positive feedback and then allowing users to buy levels and buy codes just when people were ready to break and that's really interesting to me. I don't think that that's something that Fall Out Boy or our games have considered."

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    'oh that band sounds like Fall Out Boy.' - Pete Wentz. They had that sound, and threw it away. Just saying...
    I'd have to agree, can't blame a band for wanting to be huge and memorable but they really did change up the sound that I could identify as Fall Out Boy.
    Aerosmith has a song title which applies pretty good here...
    People are saying that "they had their original sound, but threw it away", but you should also remember that Metallica did the same thing. They're still Fall out Boy, and after Load/ReLoad/St Anger, Metallica is still Metallica. Both bands still play their old, better stuff. That said, I feel that Fall Out Boy is a very forgettable band. I think that the majority of people who will continue to listen to FOB after their departure will be people who grew up listening to them in school. They don't have the impact on music like Metallica does, so they're nowhere near as 'in-your-face' as Metallica is when you're looking for new music to listen to.
    Fall Out Boy? Fall out boys. Your NEVER going to be ANYTHING like Metallica. PERIOD.
    What I got from it is that he wants them to have a signature sound, and compared it to how Metallica sounds. Why does everyone get their panties in a bunch every time Metallica is mentioned? They're an amazing band, obviously, but he didn't even say they wanna be them, just to get their own sound - which is impossible now that they sound like every other pop act there is at the moment.
    I prefer FOB to Metallica. Bring it on.
    Guns N' Chains
    But you prefer Coheed over both, right?
    This is true, I do prefer Coheed over both. Also I'd like to clarify that I wasn't trolling, I just genuinely don't like Metallica. But this is UG so I guess that automatically makes me a troll.
    No. Your comment was trolling because you were consciously trying to start a fight with your comment. It was an useless comment. You prefer FOB to Metallica? So what? Who cares? Good for you I guess.
    Exactly who does FOB sound like? Does "My Songs..." sound like any other band to you? What about "The Phoenix"? Do they really sound like "Everyone else" or are you just lazy in your criticism of them?
    I'm assuming that you didn't read the article. They aren't wanting to be anything like Metallica. They want to be to pop punk what Metallica is to metal. Also, I'm assuming you've never taken the time to get to know who the members are or their musical backgrounds. They are all pretty decent musicians and have played in hardcore and metal bands prior to the formation and after the hiatus of FOB.
    Anybody who says they want to be like Metallica should shut their mouths and focus on making music instead like Metallica did for the first few years, back when they were good.
    Is this Aril fools day #3? I cant even imagine how the author of this article could be remotely serious when typing this out. It makes no sense at all, and isn't even close to being news, or relevant to anything for that matter.
    UG, stop putting misleading titles. FoB isn't saying they want to sound like Metallica, they're saying they want to leave a legacy and be remembered like Metallica. Sheesh people, read the article before getting your panties in a bunch.
    The headline doesn't say they want to sound like Metallica.
    "General Music News: Pop punks hoping to reach the status of metal giants." That's what's misleading.
    They could have been with their old music, but after Save Rock and Roll, just... no. Thinking about it, they will have to change their entire image and music: they're now pop, which Metallica is not. They may want to be like them, but they will never be like them...
    Why can't they create a legacy with pop music? As long as they stay true to who they are and don't try to buy into what is currently trending, there is no reason that they couldn't be a Metallica. You don't have to play rock or metal to create a legacy as big as Metallica's.
    I dunno...Fall Out Boy had a few pop punk records, and then went for a more mainstream sound...didn't everybody flip out when Metallica did the same thing?
    Their point was that they want to have their own signature sound that everybody recognizes. For example when you hear a Metallica song, you can instantly tell it's Metallica. And you can tell if some band sounds like Metallica. And they would like to be similar in that sense - they want to have a recognizable sound and style so that if some song sounded like FOB, people would say "that sounds like FOB". It has nothing to do with genres.
    The SRR album is actually a lot more pop than when they play it live. When they do the songs live, they're a lot closer to songs from Infinity or Folie. Then there's the Pax Am session they put out, which is totally punk. I think it's up in the air as to what their next album will sound like.
    "Pop punk". An oxymoron if I ever did see one.
    Pop punk combines the simplicity of three/four chord basic songs with the vocals and lyrical style of pop.
    Not at all. People were getting tired of 10 minute guitar solos and complex Prog songs so they made simple, back to the basics, 3 chord rock and roll. That's not that far from pop.
    You do realize that Punk is political and very "anti-pop", while Pop Punk is generally non-political and very pop. In most Punk circles, the phrase "Pop Punk" is a f*cking joke. And it should be.
    Unfortunately, there is a never-ending human need to establish labels on things. I grew up listening to a lot of "punk" music that would be considered "pop-punk" if defined purely by sound. Bands like Lagwagon, No Use For A Name, NOFX, Me First and the Gimmee Gimmees, SNFU, Diesel Boy. etc. have all had that description thrown at them at one point or another; but it doesn't take away from the fact that they all make good music (IMO). Hell, even Bad Religion and a few other Epitaph bands have had that label thrown at them at one time or another. The whole labeling thing is just ridiculous and better off ignored. If it sounds good to me, that's all that matters. Not some opinion of a music critic or faceless internet poster.
    I think he's referring to the Punk part rather than the pop. Punk didn't have 10 min solos or much complexity to them. Punk was fast and in your face, almost an underground genre. it was the opposite of POP/popular.
    Hardcore punk may have been fast and aggressive but I was referring to the likes of The Clash and The Sex Pistols which while they were both great bands put out a lot of music that was stylistically similar to pop. Take Anarchy in the UK as an example. Simple with a catchy hook. Just because the themes were political and the songs were fast doesn't mean it doesn't have a pop structure.
    The irony is he wants people to say that a lot of bands sound like Fall Out Boy but Fall Out Boy sounds like a thousand other bands...
    Sometimes I say that a band sounds as shitty as Fall Out Boy. So their desire is accomplished. In a way.
    I was laughing my ass off as I clicked on this article, awaiting the massive number of dislikes xD
    Well who would´nt be like Metallica??. There is a difference between WILL and CAN...
    Hu wud wnt 2 b lyk metalica... dey r posers!
    Go home Kerry King you're drunk and you spell like a retard.
    Haha. If this comment is a troll then I raise my glass. Brilliant. Otherwise it's still funny, but not witty just ****ing stupid.
    I remember reading an interview with the guitarist from Fall Out Boy, he said his number one influence is Hendrix, and his playing is the reason behind their sound...so, really, I don't think they have a clue what they are saying, however, Metallica are just as lame so I can imagine them being the next Metallica...of Pop Punk maybe.
    Why is every single mainstream band now masturbating over Metallica. They were and are great band but c'mon, there are tons of other great ones too.
    hahaha I love how people get so up in arms over this. They just want to be famous like metallica not BE metallica. chillax.
    I think everyone is misreading this article, they're not talking about Metallica musically, they're just saying that want to pioneer like Metallica
    This may not be a bad thing in regards to the pace that Metallica works. I would like it if there was 10 years between Fall Out Boy records.
    So many downvotes around here. Seems like the FOB fans are crawling out of the woodwork.
    Kind of mis leading title. They didn't say they want to be metal kings. Just a big influence in the pop punk/Emo genre. Who cares? I'm sure they will be. Whether you guys like it or not. I'm not really a fan of them. Their songs are catchy and they've got lots of fans. Don't hate on a band for having hopes of being inspirational. That's every bands goal.
    What the **** is wrong with this site? Who care about Fall Out Boy or any other mainstream act? Accept (you know, an actual GUITAR oriented heavy metal band) just announced a new album yesterday, but UG is posting this crap instead.
    Well, like it or not, Fall Out Boy are/used to actually be a pretty good Alt. Rock band... you're just being a prick here, just because you don't like their songs doesn't mean that the site should bow to your command, go and lighten up your musical taste a little, maybe then you'll realize that there is something other than distortion pedals and fast-****ing-finger-burning-ohh-god-please-just-****ing-stop solo's
    Fall Out Boy is not rock, punk or Alt...they are simply more of the same old pop baloney.....
    Even with those distortions and fast-****ing-finger-burning-ohh-god-please-just-****ing-stop solo's, they still kick FOB's ass
    It says GUITAR not Metal. There is many a use for guitar, just because something isn't to your narrow blinkered taste doesn't mean it shouldn't be mentioned.
    well since the top 3 current tabs are John Legend, Passenger and Idina Menzel im gonna go ahead and say there are some people who follow mainstream acts on here. It would be wrong to limit the site to "GUITAR oriented heavy metal bands" when a wider audience views it
    I'm with you man and I can answer your question... See all the downvotes on your comment? That's the problem! UG community is full of mainstream fags! ACCEPT FTW!!!! cant wait to listen to their new album
    I see a lot of similarities. Both started as bands where i liked or atleast didn't hate the stuff they were putting out, then one or more band members grew progressively more annoying, then they put out music that i didn't like which eventually became annoying...
    ...I feel like people who are negatively commenting on this didn't even read the first 5 sentences of the article.
    In a way people already do say that bands sound like Fall Out Boy just usually when they suck.
    In a way people already do say that bands sound like Fall Out Boy just usually when they suck.
    Are... are these guys serious. They're nothing close to that metal sound Metallica has. Why does every band do this.
    Metallica is irrelevant, why bother wanting some dated status that is only credible to people on this site?
    If ya don't like it, then who cares? They're big for a reason. I've heard maybe 3 or so songs from them. Easy to avoid if you aren't in to them. Not my thing, but I get why thy are liked.
    I don't think anyone would in their right mind say positively "Man, that band sounds like a young Fall Out Boy!"
    That would require them to make good music at some point in their career.