Fall Out Boy Will 'Save Rock And Roll' This May

The American rockers Fall Out Boy are officially back after a four-year break with a new single and an album announcement.

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The American rockers Fall Out Boy are officially back after a four-year break and are set to release a new studio album in May. Apparently, the time has come for the band to "plug back in and make some music that matters".

The group has also revealed the first single from the new release named "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)" featuring the popular rapper 2Chainz. But that's not all, as the latest statement has also confirmed the new global tour set to take place during February and March.

"When we were kids the only thing that got us through most days was music. It's why we started Fall Out Boy in the first place. This isn't a reunion because we never broke up. We needed to plug back in and make some music that matters to us. The future of Fall Out Boy starts now. Save rock and roll", stated the band.

The latest studio album, "Folie A Deux", was released back in December 2008 debuting at #8 on the Billboard 200 chart and was eventually certified gold by the RIAA. During the hiatus, the frontman Patrick Stump has released a solo album "Soul Punk" in 2011, while Guitarist Joe Trohman and drummer Andy Hurley have teamed up with Keith Buckley and Josh Newton from Every Time I Die and Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano from Anthrax to form The Damned Things supergroup. The singer has also stated that he will be quitting the music business because of all the "haters" criticizing his music, but this obviously isn't going to happen.

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So are you excited about the guys coming back or what? And how does the new single sound? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Their first two albums are pop-punk gems. This new single however... uuuurgh.
    Insanity ninja
    It's saying it's the "2 Chainz edition" so I'm hoping that this isn't the original.
    >"Save rock and roll" >Features young rappers >Not young guitarists/singers/etc. Sure thing guys.
    features young rapper on the video and not the song so yeah it's still good.
    no its fall out boy...its the exact opposite of good....i'd rather jerk off with sand paper than listen to these guys...
    Surely they're the ones destroying Rock music?
    No offense to their fans. I actually tried to like this band because my sister always play their album like everyday. But i failed. This band sucks c0ck.
    As if. Sucking can at least be good for somebody, if not both. FOB is not good for anybody.
    Funny, i get warnings and my comments removed when i say an artist sucks but you get +53 wtf man
    Not really... it's not like they started the sh*t that's now mainstream.... I remember a "band" called Tokio Hotel, who everyone really HATED, just like Justin Bieber and One Direction are hated by most people nowadays
    I actually like Tokio hotel. They're songs are really good. Many girls like that band because of their look, but at the same time many guys hate them for the same reason. It would be hypocritical to suggest that a band only got famous because of shallow people, when at the same time a shallow person is passing judgement based on the same merit.
    I actually only liked "monsoon" of them, the rest was just a little meh for me, but I never hated them, i just seem to remember this "hating artists/bands" thing came around at that time, at least where I live that is.
    Nah, I don't see how a band (no matter how much I dislike their music) can destroy a genre. At least they kept it fun, unlike many other bands. Primarily metal.
    You think metal bands aren't about having fun? For every Dimmu Borgir that takes themselves way too seriously, there's an Amon Amarth and a Skeletonwitch that are just doing what they love and hoping that someone gets it. They wouldn't have fans if they weren't fun. Also, I find Fall Out Boy as "fun" as hitting a huge pothole while getting road head. It's SUPPOSED to be fun, but it's just painful and embarrassing. For the record, I do agree that no one band can "destroy" a genre. Especially such a broad, vague genre as rock. That doesn't make any sense. I just don't know why you singled out one genre for ridicule when it's not relevant and you don't really have a clue.
    That was the most intelligent thing i've seen on this page so far. Props.
    I agree with your comment. As a fan of many metal bands, most of them have a tendency to take themselves way to seriously and forgot about how fun music is to play and create.
    so one-dimensional, tired, contrived & over-produced. I hate pop-punk.
    Don't know much about Fall Out Boy besides a song that got some heavy playtime on MTV and radio a few years ago, can't remember the song's name, but this one sounds really trendy.
    They saved my life
    Sheep Shagger
    I have no idea why people are taking your comment seriously...
    Well they did save my life. They saved me from going down the path towards their crappy music. Once I listened to them, I promised myself never to listen to that kind of music and stick to ACTUAL rock bands.
    I hope Gerrard scores against Brazil tomorrow.
    That would do more to save rock and roll than this song.
    Why do pop-stars think that: 1. Rock and roll needs saving? 2. That THEY can save it?
    Amen to that lol this isnt even rock music at all....this is just crap and then when you gotta reach for 2Chainz to come and do a cameo you're screwed
    They apparently have quite a loose definition of what "rock" is. This most certainly is not.
    Dear Fall Out Boy, why? Sincerely, people who actually know what "Rock and Roll" is
    Didn't Patrick Stump say he was going to quit music? Wow he changed his mind quickly.
    No I don't think he ever said he would quit music, please share that quote. Also, is anyone here really thinking they are being serious with the album title and not just picked it to get attention? It looks like it succeeded
    UG talked about it last year http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/gene...
    If you had actually read the text they are referring to you'd know he never says that, what you posted is just another misleading headline from UG. The closest he gets to saying he "will quit music" is: It's tempting to say I won't ever play/tour/record again, but I think that's probably just pent up poor-me emotional pessimism talking (I suppose can be excused of that though right? I am the guy from That Emo Band after all). After that he goes on to speak about how he has been working as a songwriter and producer, and how he "as always, would be super psyched to do the band again". If you've been here for two years you should know UG posts provocative titles for their articles, often ones that are false or bending the truth.
    As a fan of FOB's older stuff, I really wanted to like this new song. But goddamn, this is pretentious as hell.
    What is it about artists these days who claim they're going to save rock and roll and just do the complete opposite
    What the hell... Why turn to these dickweeds when there's already so much great shit out?!?>!>! Maps and Atlases, Mastodon, strong local bands, Baroness, La Dispute, Red Fang, The Sword... I mean, the list goes on and on and on. There are better, more meaningful, and more powerful bands than Fall out Boy.
    fall out boy is such a sellout band, they went from crappy pop punk to hip hop with a guitar.
    I think the Black Keys already have the whole "Save Rock and Roll" thing covered...
    I'm pretty sure the "save rock & roll" album title is a lot more tongue-in-cheek, something they've liked to do since forever. Obviously, my username indicates I'm a fan and I'll give them the benefit of the doubt until I listen to what the album sounds like. BTW, the lead single, doesn't mean all these songs are going to sound like this, although I feel like the song is growing on me after a few listens.
    "Plug back in and make music that matters...featuring rapper 2Chains" Worst sentence ever. What were they thinking?
    When it said Fall Out boy would "save rock and roll" I expected it to be an article announcing their retirement.
    Didn't Ke$ha say that her new album would "resurrect rock"? Except she had rock musicians like Iggy Pop and Patrick Carney perform on her album, whereas FOB gets a rapper to perform with them. Nice reverse strategy, guys.
    *reads article* I have a better chance of getting it on with Hayley Williams than these guys do trying to make rock better.
    Ironically, their new single doesn't sound like rock 'n' roll at all.
    I enjoyed FOB up until Folie A Deux. Hopefully the rest of the album will be better, but I doubt it.
    I was ready to troll this but the chorus on this tune is effing great! "I'M ON FIIIIIRRRREEE" - I was sold there and I'm not a big fan of these guys.
    I thought oppositely - I kinda like the intro and verses, but the chorus....I thought it was atrocious.
    lol really? i can safely say the entire thing sucked... beginning to end, along with their entire discography lol. its funny though, i know for a fact their drummer is actually talented and holds back what he can actually do in this band... not sure if the rest of them actually suck that badly or not tho...
    Pretty sure he just trolled you. He may have reassured you that he is not a troll but trolls LIE.
    screw it. I'm buying this album just because the smug attitude of all these comments is more tired and unbearable than the sound this track was going for.
    Gotta feature the cliche rap verse and lack of rock instruments, every rock band has one of those
    With Soundgarden back, AIC making another album, a new collection of rare Hendrix coming out and so on, I think Rock and Roll is in capable hands. These guys should go back on their break.
    Yeah, right. They're only back because Chris Cornell's new pop project was a ridiculous fail. I actually like Fall Out Boy. Sorry.
    Man, what's with all the hate? It's a different song, I'll give it that, but still, these guys are one of the most successful bands of the late 00's, and I'm glad to have them, and the soundtrack to my teenage years, back.
    "but still, these guys are one of the most successful bands of the late 00's" Ohh ok, sorry. Maybe you're right, maybe they WILL save rock and roll since they're really successful.
    The title is almost definitely tongue-in-cheek, but whatever. This band gets excessive amounts of hate on this site, and the "reporters" on here seem pretty intent on keeping it that way, hence the headline and the completely misquoted "Patrick Stump quits music" article linked herein. However, Fall Out Boy is and will always be a huge part of my life, so I will go ahead and declare bias where it's due. That said, this song isn't that great, but they usually pick some of my least favorite songs as singles, so I'm not worried. I'm happy Fall Out Boy is back.
    I've loved Fall Out Boy since I was 12. One of the first bands I got into. You people bashing them are morons. I'd love to see you try to write better music than them. And I'm sure they're more talented musicians than any of you.
    It's cool if you like them, but you have no right to call us morons.. Or call them talented, for that matter. You want us to write better music than them? Listen to that disgusting excuse for a song and tell me none of us can. You say they're talented musicians? I'll believe it when you show me something that actually took technical proficiency on an instrument.
    This is pop. Overproduced, underwritten, uninspired, uninteresting pop. Fart sucking, butt licking, seizure inducing pop. I enjoyed Fall Out Boy's earlier stuff, maybe just as an echo of my 15-year-old New Found Glory loving days, but if you are a real musician this song has to piss you off (especially after reading the band's comments about it). They might as well just cancel the album and become part of Muse, who's new faux-lectronica style is about as exciting as mainstream rap as a whole. FOB is now just another band with potential that fails to progress musically and decides money is better than good, thought-provoking music.
    they should stop following blink-182's footstep. mark hoppus said the same shit when they got back in.
    How are they going to save Rock when they play Pop music? Shitty Pop music, at that... People calling this Rock or Punk just have no idea what either of those things are.
    I for one will be welcoming our new teeny-bopper overlords, and would like to remind them that because I once could name every member of Nsync, I would be good at rounding up little girls to toil in their t-shirt factories.