Fan Pays 11K For Dave Mustaine Guitar

Prototype guitar was built for Megadeth frontman.

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Megadeth fan has spent $11,300 on a guitar that belonged to Dave Mustaine in an eBay auction.

The prototype Jackson Y2KV (J6443) was designed by Mustaine and presented to him on 12/23/1998. The guitar was used on Megadeth's Risk and The World Needs A Hero tours and also featured on several magazine covers including Guitar Magazine in 1999.

Mustaine designed the guitar as a less aggressive and more retro-looking flying V than the King V style that he usually plays.

The guitar features the final 3+3 Y2KV head, but with dotted inlays, rosewood fingerboard, alternate knobs and a blade switch. The body shape is different to the guitar that went into mass production in the 2000s and the guitar is naturally unfinished.

Megadeth have also posted a new studio update this week, which shows footage of Dave Mustaine, Shawn Drover and Chris Broderick working on tracks for the new album. The band's 14th record is being recorded at Vic's Garage Studio in San Marcos, and produced by longtime collaborator Johnny K.

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    We all know this "fan" was actually Obama.
    I suppose it's worth it if you make seven figures and already have a pool, motorcycles, a boat, a Hummer, Maserati, a helicopter...
    Why would you... Just why...
    11k doesnt justify his hands on it, or the rarity in my opinion. might as well buy a private stock prs for that money. or a car
    Hey man, Petrucci sold his Ibanez's on ebay for like $12k when he left Ibanez. This is a pretty common thing.
    Ya know, UG, I think this would be a more attractive article if you put the new album update at the forefront. Just an observation though. Anyway, good to know that Megadeth is working again and also good for the new owner of Dave's guitar, it probably sounds like a beast.
    $50 for a t-shirt thats some ignorant bitch shiiiit 10K for a guitar dats hella dope nah jk thats ignorant bitch shit too
    link no1
    Bringing in paychecks like that, maybe you should have bought the guitar.
    The guy who bought that guitar probably can play the guitat better than Mustaine ever could anyways haha
    its a sick guitar and i guess the fact there were barely nay of them its kinda worth it but either way its still a priocey monster haha i wouldnt be paying that and i love megadeth and mustaine, and yes seeing the cyber army exclusive video would be cool, but ive seen a couple studio update videos and they look pretty sick with shawn and slide guitars and whatnot, this album better blow 13 away
    People have more money than sense. Donate the $11 grand to charity, make a difference in someone's life.
    I bet Mustaine bought his own guitar to make himself seem more important after having his equipment sold on ebay. There is just no week on UG without something about this man that makes you go : "Come on, dude! Give it up already!"
    So... you're saying he should quit because he auctioned something off on ebay like a regular guy?
    this is mustaine for god sake ! id pay 20k to get his KV1 with the shut up sticker between the pick ups