Fan Report: This Is What You Get for Tool's $500 VIP Experience

"I won't lie, I was pretty apprehensive about spending 500 USD on a ticket."

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Fan Report: This Is What You Get for Tool's $500 VIP Experience

A Tool fan behind the alias of dspiral shared a report of his VIP package experience during the band's latest stop in Calgary, noting via Reddit:

"I won't lie, I was pretty apprehensive about spending 500 USD on a ticket [the package comes with a $500 price tag and includes the VIP experience and ticket for front rows].

"They asked us to show up at 12:45 and the VIP event would take four hours. FOUR hours! What could we be doing for that long? It was pretty vague in the VIP email. Just swag and a Q&A with a band member, possibly Adam Jones.

"Because of logistics, we arrived at exactly 12:45 with 67 other people in line (they told us that later). They opened the doors and we had to shut off our cell phones and turn them in.

"They gave us a swag bag with a bunch of stuff in it, including drumsticks, a VIP shirt, picks and lots of other little things. They also handed out the tickets (third row!) and put the VIP wristbands on us.

"They were very clear we were not allowed to leave the facilities until after the VIP event was over. No smoke breaks or anything.

"Of course, they put us through the metal scanner and thoroughly went through any bags and/or purses we had. ... The VIP manager, Justin, came in and gave us the ground rules. Nothing surprising - don't be stupid, and absolutely no recording or you will be kicked out and blacklisted by Tool forever.

"Justin then talked about how he met the band and got involved. Apparently he was the ringside announcer for WWE and because Adam is a huge fan, they become friends. After Justin was finished with WWE, Adam asked if he wanted to help with the band and the VIP event specifically.

"Justin then did a small Q&A with the group and opened it up to us to tell Tool stories. Most of them ended up being awkward stories about Maynard. I think he was mainly stalling for time at this point.

"Justin then said no one has asked THE question that gets asked at every event. And from the back of the room, someone shouts, 'When is the next Tool album coming out?' We all laughed and turned around it was Adam himself that asked it!

"I won't get into too much detail here. I don't want to spoil it for anyone that's going to do the VIP, but it was truly awesome.

"He talked for two hours straight about his upbringing, the formation of the band, how many of the songs are conceived and on and on. It was fascinating, and we were all hanging off his every word. We were allowed to ask questions, but mostly we all just wanted to listen.

"I will make a few observations; Adam was truly humble and extremely likable. He seemed like such a down to earth guy you just wanted to go hang with and have a beer and chat. He was also insanely grateful for his success and the fans and it came across as completely genuine.

"A couple things that stood out that is worth mentioning that you hard core fans are already aware; Adam, Justin and Danny lay down all the music and Maynard comes in after it's all put together with the lyrics and singing.

"He alluded to the fact that Maynard respects them as musicians and see's himself as more of the final piece of the puzzle.

"I kind of suspected this before, but after listening to Adam, I think I get why Maynard hangs back on stage and lets the spotlight on the other three. I truly believe that MJK wants us to appreciate the musical geniuses of the band, and he's just there to add to it.

"For those that have been to a Puscifer show, you know that he doesn't hide from the spotlight at those. I know I'm getting a little sidetracked here, but I felt Adam implied this and it solidified how I feel. Although it could all be conjecture.

"Back to the event. The whole time Adam was talking, they had this security guard walking around us earnestly looking for recording devices. It was a little unnerving and distracting, but I understand why. A few indications that I won't get into here, is that Adam was the most paranoid about people recording or peaking in.

"Near the end, Adam talked about digital distribution and how they might tackle it. He then showed us an exclusive sneak peak of a new 'Opiate' song/video. The song was completely redone, similar to how they redid that live 'Pushit' version. It was incredible and I can't wait until they release it.

"And that was it for Adam (for now). He thanked us and told us he loved us and all his fans. We all had the biggest smiles after.

We then headed to the merch table and we could purchase things at a small discount ($10-15 dollars off). That took about 45 minutes.

"Justin then lead us down to the front three rows for sound check. Adam, Justin and Danny (no Maynard of course) played us 'Lateralus' which was insane! They had the light show and everything going.

"Danny and Justin were smiling the whole time. After, they came down and we took a big group picture and got to shake their hands on the way out.

"That was it. That was the VIP experience. Was it worth 500 USD? I think it was worth 500 CAD [375 USD], but 500 USD is pushing it. Do I have any regrets? Absolutely not. It was something I will remember fondly for the rest of my life."

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    Jesus that sounds intense.  Blows the shit out of a meet n greet.   Payed $200 or something for a MnG with Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse on their joint tour a year or two ago.  Both bands were sitting behind shitty little tables with the line of people signing shit.  Was able to get two questions in:  Re-recording of Moonspell Rites to Nergal and asked George about any future work with Brendan Small.
    That blows man.  I actually did the VIP with the meet and greet for Behemoth when they toured North American in 2016 playing The Satanist in its entirety.  And to me that was totally worth it.  I think it was in the range of $80-$100 I don't remember exactly but I think it was $100.  It started with us getting early entry into venue, then we got some stuff like a large wall flag with the Satanist emblem, three posters, and then the band came out and we got a chance to go by all of them and get the posters and other things signed by them.  After that was done they said people could come up and talk to them and get photos from them etc, and they basically just walked around for like 10 minutes it was very casual which to me was awesome and to this day is still one of my favorite concerts I have ever been to.
    Now that sounds fantastic. Honestly, the worst part was both bands looked annoyed and seemed like they wanted to be anywhere but there, especially Orion.   We were told to be there two hours early.  We all were and we spent 90 minutes outside talking about how this MnG is garbage, waiting to get in. Glad you had a great experience though!  Especially for such a killer album.
    Wow, I'm surprised that a four hour VIP event raked in $33,500 just in ticket sales.
    Had no idea that this was what Justin Roberts was doing after WWE shitcanned him. I hope Tool treats him better than they did!
    Am i the only one who thought that it would be a shitty experience? Idk but the title give me that feel
    going to see them for the 18th time next week in Sac.  I told my wife about the VIP and she said i'm such a big fan I should go.  Its looks fucking incredible. But I'm not rich, have a baby on the way and just can't pull the trigger... its just to much, even for a superfan.   But thanks for sharing its pretty cool to read.    
    Keyworks Kid
    Met Maynard at a random party last year. Not going to lie I tried my damnest not to go into full on fanboy mode, but had a 3 minute conversation and got a pic with him all for free. He's actually a pretty nice dude, he just doesn't like all the attention and I tried to be respectful of that. Definitely a lifelong memory right there. 
    Or you could spend 10 times as much to sleep in a tent and take a dump on Dave Mustaines lawn
    Sounds cool if you like being controlled.  Tool seems to be all about controlling its fans. Was it $500 CAN?  or US?  Turn in your phone, was that a known thing going in?  I'd tell to fuck off, and I am not cell phone guy at all.  If they don't want to be recorded I understand that and can deal with it.  I will stick to being a casual fan. Enjoy it if it's your fav.
    Nice. Obviously you'd have to be real fans of the band in order to fork that sort of cash. But having said that, if I had an extra $500, I wouldn't think twice about paying for that. Adam has always seemed like a good, genuine, human being. If you price it... they will come.
    Damn I was hoping he would elaborate on the digital sales thing. I'm real curious about how they will eventually release the new album (apart from CD and vinyl). There will probably be a new format by the time it comes out! lol
    Paid $45 for a VIP for Hail The Sun. They did an acoustic set, Q&A, and we got to hang with them before the show. We also got handmade posters, handmade wallflags, and a polaroid. I'm not saying I got the better end of the deal here (obviously Tool is way bigger than Hail the Sun will ever be) but I am saying that VIP passes are dope and you should all get them
    Payed $140 for a ticket at that show for second level. Worth every penny.