Fans Crowd-Funding Foo Fighters Homecoming Gig

"We're taking it upon ourselves to bring 'em back," reads the fundraising page.

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A group of Foo Fighters fans have launched a crowd-funding campaign to get the band to play a show in Dave Grohl's home town of Richmond, Virginia, NME reports. Fans from Richmond have launched the campaign on Crowdhoster.

The campaign's fundraising page reads:

"It's simple. The Foo Fighters haven't played Richmond, Virginia since May 17, 1998. That's more than 15 years ago and that's way too long. So we're taking it upon ourselves to bring 'em back!"

The "Help Bring the Foo Fighters Back to RVA" campaign site is selling 1,400 tickets at $50 a ticket. So far, the campaign has raised $8,400.

Speaking to SPIN, campaign co-founder Andrew Goldin had the following to say:

"We're just a few friends and fans looking to make this happen ... Came up with the idea and thought it would be a blast to try. The band seems to have so much fun with themselves that we really think it may happen."

While the Foo Fighters have yet to announce they will play a Richmond show, the campaign organizers remain confident that the band will be on board with the project:

"We have reason to believe they know about it at this point. We haven't been shut down, so that's a good sign, right?"

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    2 things, 1. you guys a really slow on this, I heard about it 2 months ago. 2. I live an hour away from Richmond, I REALLY hope they accept this.
    "Secret fascination, whisper a quiet tune Hear me callin' you, Virginia moon, I'll wait for you tonight..." I think this is actually pretty cool. I know Dave is the kind of guy who won't forget his roots, and I'm sure he'll follow through and pour beers for everyone!
    If I saw the Foo Fighters in concert my life would be complete
    They're absolutely amazing in concert. The energy is so high. If you ever get a chance to go, take it. You'll enjoy the hell out of it