Fans Respond To Strange New Strokes Song

artist: The Strokes date: 01/28/2013 category: music news
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Fans Respond To Strange New Strokes Song
Yesterday (January 27th), after speculation that the band would be releasing a new album this year, The Strokes offered up a brand new single titled "One Way Trigger" as a free download from their official website. For fans expecting a return to the garage rock influenced sound of the band's 2001 album "Is This It", though, the song might come as something of a surprise. The track features falsetto vocals from Julian Casablancas and 1980s inspired synth parts that could have come straight from an Atari 2600 game, at times recalling the A-Ha pop classic "Take On Me". Fan reaction to the song has been decidedly mixed, with people posting reactions on Twitter that have ranged from outright enjoyment to utter confusion. While some seem to have enjoyed the band's new direction, there have been other commentators who have noted that Casablancas may have some trouble pulling off the vocals live and that Albert Hammond Jr's trademark guitar playing seems to be completely absent from the track. But what do you think? Take a listen to the track and let us know in the comments.
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