Fans Respond To Strange New Strokes Song

"Is This It" it ain't...

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Yesterday (January 27th), after speculation that the band would be releasing a new album this year, The Strokes offered up a brand new single titled "One Way Trigger" as a free download from their official website.

For fans expecting a return to the garage rock influenced sound of the band's 2001 album "Is This It", though, the song might come as something of a surprise. The track features falsetto vocals from Julian Casablancas and 1980s inspired synth parts that could have come straight from an Atari 2600 game, at times recalling the A-Ha pop classic "Take On Me".

Fan reaction to the song has been decidedly mixed, with people posting reactions on Twitter that have ranged from outright enjoyment to utter confusion.

While some seem to have enjoyed the band's new direction, there have been other commentators who have noted that Casablancas may have some trouble pulling off the vocals live and that Albert Hammond Jr's trademark guitar playing seems to be completely absent from the track.

But what do you think? Take a listen to the track and let us know in the comments.

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    A change in sound/experimentation is always a good thing IMO. The worst thing a band can do (other than obvious stuff like genocide, rape, being Nickelback etc) is keep the same sound on every release, I call it Cannibal Corpse syndrome.
    Hell, it's just a continuation of Julian's fantastic solo album, and a very good one at that. Also, Hammond's guitar completely absent? There's a great (albeit short) solo in the middle of the song.
    Did anyone notice how similar this song is with Mana's "El muelle de San Blas"?
    The first song that came to my mind when I first listened to this strokes's song...
    omgzz no gitars u wot SELL OUTS! That was pretty damn enjoyable actually.
    Honestly, this song is brilliant. Anybody expecting them to return to Room on Fire didn't take Angles seriously enough. I miss the loud guitars, but this is something I've never heard, and for that, I respect them more.
    I really want to see if this song is fake or not, because if you it is, your going to look like such a noob. Either way, I never really understood the fuss about this band.
    I'm not a big strokes fan but i'v been following their career since Is this it came out and its true... this song sounds weird, specially the falsetto parts but they are experimenting and that's how you keep a band alive. P.S. I kinda like the song
    Sounds like Radiohead were an 80's synthpop band?
    I was seriously just going to comment that they sound a little like Radiohead at the beginning. I don't mind the song to be honest. I'm used to falsetto voices and weird experimentation with music.
    The same thought crossed my mind. Total Thom Yorke-sounding vocals at many points.
    I swear to you, I did not read anything before playing the song, and thought exactly that, A-Ha
    When the song gets into it, it's actually really good and unique. I'm not a huge fan of the first minute tho. Might grow on me!
    I like The Strokes's sound, but I hate the lead vocals. Everything about Julian Casablancas kind of unexplicably annoys me. This still sounds like The Strokes though, so I don't understand why it's receiving so much hate.
    It still feels like The Strokes to some extent--the catchy, fast riff is still very much alive in them.
    Sounds like Boy George, only not as good. Julian's falsetto is actually good at times, but not here.
    the vocals just anooy me on this and it reminds me of take on me so much... but at least they're experimenting
    who cares about them anymore. have they released anything good since room on fire? and god, this song is ****ing awful
    Never heard this band before but it was quite a weird and nice song. A bit too digital sounding though.
    I'm quite surprised by the falsetto vocals in the song, it's not something Julian usually does. I quite like it and it's definitely a continuation of the direction they've gone in since Angles. A bit concerned by the fact that I must have counted at least 5 people mentioning "tetris" when trying to describe the song on soundcloud...
    Big shock I admit but I actually like it, the solo at 1:35 ish is a great solo and fits perfectly, the song develops well and is a reasonable extension of angles. Although I would stay away from the falsetto.