Farewell Motley Crue Tour Might Be A Reality Soon

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx talks about the possibility of a farewell tour in the near future.

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During the interview at the recent NAMM Convention in California, Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has spoken about the band and it's future plans. And it's not something most fans would want to hear.

Although the group is currently busy working on a new studio release the Motley Crue farewell tour might be closer than we think. Apparently, the band doesn't want to "beat a dead horse" and would like to go out while still on top of their game.

"We haven't been shy that Motley Crue has been talking about somewhere in the near future doing a farewell tour. We talked about it on 'Piers Morgan' and different interviews. It's not that we hate each other or we don't work together well. I think it's just at some point we want to leave it with some sort of a legacy that's leaving it in a good way. I just see some bands that keep f--king beating a dead horse and I'm like, 'Get off the horse, dude, it's dead.' And Motley Crue is really at one of our highest points we've been and I would like to see us even climb higher by seeing us finish our movie, an album and then maybe announcing a farewell tour and going out at the top. It would be a really nice look", the bassist tells Loudwire.

As far as the new album goes, things seem to be cooking up pretty well, with both Sixx and guitarist Mick Mars having "a ton of riffs" at their disposal. "We've been writing. We started the record with the song 'Sex' and I have a ton of riffs. I know Mick has told me he has a ton of riffs and it's just a matter of now collecting riffs. For a while, it was only writing segments of music and getting together and collaborating but now I'm starting to finish music more like I used to more - like I used to in the old days - and finish it top to bottom. So I look forward to getting in the room with my band and going, 'Here's ten of my ideas, what have you got?' and then we kind of let that process happen." So is this a right decision? Should they go out in style or keep working and making music together? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Vince Neil recently said there won't be anymore albums, but if Motley Crue are going on a farewell tour soon, I hope they will put out one last record to go with the tour
    Mr Brownst0ne
    well here's hoping that Vince Neil continues to play with his solo band. cause i love seeing that fat sh!t fall off stage.
    The last great album that Motley Crue put out occured when all the lads when still in their daddie's scrotums, preparing to exit in a fireworks display of fertilization. Everything after that was down hill.
    I dig the Crue, saw them when they toured with KISS and the show was fantastic. I can respect this decision...as long as it's an actual farewell tour. Nothing's more annoying than a band announcing a final tour, making a ton of money then going back on the road a couple years later.
    The Carnival of Sins shows were outstanding but the band's live shows have been declining ever since. Vince is too fat and Mick is too old.
    What's the bet I never get to see them live?
    I'm starting to regret that I wasn't able to see them on The Tour
    I'm not a big Crue fan, but I saw "The Tour" (i sort of cringe every time I say that name) in Detroit. I was really impressed by Motley, and I think they out-performed KISS who brought along the same show I saw from them in 2010.
    Crimson Ghost
    I saw KISS and Crue on the Tour. I also saw Kiss in 2009 and it was a MUCH different show. The 2009 tour setlist was mostly based on the first 3 albums. The Tour setlist was more of albums 4-6. Also, KISS had a very minimal stage compared to their 2009 tour. Motley Crue was awesome on The Tour and their stage show was great. The thing is that they heavily rely on their stage show now 'cause Mick can't move and Vince is out of shape. As much fun as that show was I think they'd be better off hanging it up soon. I've seen them on their last 3 tours and it seems that every tour, they add more to their stage show to distract from the actual performance.
    Go out on top? .... I thought that should have been during the carnival of sins tour.
    Bahahahahahaha! Still on top of your game? This band hasn't been at the top of their game in over 20 years. Nikki you have in fact been riding that dead horse you speak of. You needed to bury it a LONG TIME AGO.
    I love Motley Crue. Crue Fest II was my first concert ever and I admittedly went to go see Godsmack (who did an amazing job). The Crue performed really well and I gained new respect and awe for them, and that realy got me into the glam scene and made me delve deeper into metal