Feds Raid Kiss Expo

artist: KISS date: 08/10/2004 category: music news
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Blabbermouth.net reports, according to several postings at TommyThayerSucks.com, the Kiss Expo in Charlotte, NC on Sunday (August 8) was raided by federal marshals and a lawyer representing Kiss bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons. Several thousand bootleg DVDs were confiscated in the raid but no one was arrested. Some Expo attendees even had DVDs that were given away as door prizes taken from them by the marshals. The crowd in attendance was shocked and outraged as bootlegs videos are a traditional part of all Kiss Expos and Gene Simmons had allegedly been well aware of this for some time. Simmons had also reportedly had personal contact with the Expo promoter and is said to have had basically given him the go-ahead to sell the DVDs. After the raid the marshals stated that they weren't actually after the Expo promoter but the person or people responsible for the production and distribution of the DVDs. The promoter of the event now has a scheduled court date for sometime next week but was informed that if he cooperated that nothing was likely to happen to him. Kiss fans have expressed their disapproval of Gene Simmons' tactics at Kiss' official web site but the messages are quickly being deleted by the site's webmaster. For more information on what went down and reviews of the Expo, go to this location.
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