Fender Acoustics Releases Avril Lavigne Newporter Guitar

The guitar is based on her signature Squier Telecaster, with all the distinctive punk-pop charm you’d expect from the top-selling Canadian songstress.

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Fender Acoustics is pleased to release the Avril Lavigne Newporter guitar. Fender's Avril Lavigne Newporter acoustic is based on her signature Squier Telecaster guitar, with all the distinctive punk-pop charm you'd expect from the top-selling Canadian songstress. It's a concert-size beauty with all black finish, binding and tuners, and featuring a specially designed "star" rosette, 12th-fret skull and crossbones inlay and Lavigne's signature on the Telecaster headstock. Other features include an all-laminate mahogany top, back and sides with quartersawn scalloped "X" bracing; black-bound mahogany neck with "C"-shaped profile and 19-fret rosewood fingerboard, Fender "Viking"-style rosewood bridge with white pins; three-ply black pickguard; and Fishman preamp system with built-in tuner. Watch a product video below, and visit Fender.com for more information.

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    To be fair, there are a lot of women out there who are really deserve a signature model much more than she does. They never showed her actually playing the damn thing and it seems the most important feature to her is the Skull & Crossbones.
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    ^I have this feeling that the fact that they are popular is because they look good^ But onto women playing guitar:
    i'm a metal head, but I think avril lavigne is pretty good. and that is a sexy ass guitar
    I do agree with you 100%, but let's face it - Avril is probably the best-known female "rock" artist at the moment (and I use that term very loosely), and this guitar is gonna sell primarily because her name is on it. And at the end of the day, that's what Fender is going for