Fender Magazine Issue Two Features Greatest Stratocaster Player Ever

The popular musical instrument manufacturer’s magazine also available as free interactive iPad download.

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Fender is pleased to announce the second issue of Fender Magazine – a keepsake publication featuring up-close Fender history, music columns, in-depth gear information and stunning photography. With a cover featuring Jimi Hendrix in honor of the release of "People, Hell and Angels," the 92-page issue features an in-depth interview with producer Eddie Kramer, who along with venerable guitarists Jeff Beck and Joe Satriani, recalls the profound influence and supernatural ability of the world’s greatest Stratocaster guitar player. In addition, the magazine offers insightful interviews with Fender Custom Shop Master Builders, who discuss what it takes to earn their coveted titles and the artistic and constructive challenges behind some of their most fascinating custom guitars. Issue two of Fender Magazine is available at select authorized Fender dealers in limited quantity, and is now available as a free iPad-compatible download at the iTunes store. The app features additional information and images, and showcases a more in-depth overall experience for musicians and music lovers of all ages. For more information and to locate an authorized dealer with copies of Fender Magazine, visit FenderMag website.

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    The greatest Strat player ever? Personally, I'd put Eric Clapton or SRV on top.
    I agree with you on that one. I absolutely do NOT want to start a "who's better" thread, but I've always liked the way Jeff Beck plays more than anyone else. He just has a "feel" for his instrument, and the way he can simulate other instruments or voices makes me cry bitter tears of jealousy, LOL.
    My personal favourite would be SRV or Clapton. But Jimi is qualified to be there.