Fergie And Slash Play 'Sweet Child O' Mine'

Fergie pulled off a pretty sweet Axl Rose impersonation over the weekend when Slash joined her on-stage in Coast Mesa, California.

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We realize not everyone is going to want to see this, but we have to admit that Fergie pulled off a pretty sweet Axl Rose impersonation over the weekend when Slash joined her on-stage in Coast Mesa, California, writes Aidin Vaziri of Gibson.com. In this clip, the Black Eyed Peas singer introduces the top-hatted Velvet Revolver/Guns N' Roses guitarist in her own inimitable fashion by proclaiming in a faux British accent, You guys like f***ing rock and roll, eh? Things improve from there. In fact, they go so well that the pair also pulls off a killer take on Heart's Barracuda. Watch it here. By the way, it's not the first time the unlikely pair has jammed together. A few months ago, Fergie and Slash revisted Guns N' Roses' take on Live and Let Die before digging into a crazy medley involving Led Zeppelin, Sublime, and the Rolling Stones. Thanks for the report to Gibson.com.

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    I'm not a fan of Fergie or the Black Eyed Peas but I personally think she has a good voice. Who knows? Maybe she's the new Velvet Revolver vocalist. Just joking by the way.
    atleast her version is way better than that crap version sheryl crow put out and the camera man should shut up he ruined the video with his horrible singing
    Well I Honestley don't care if it was a horrible performance or not.It wasn't half bad actually and I don't like Slash or Fergie.I mean I just don't like him but if he wants to start performing with Fergie Reba Hannah Montanna even Barney stop crashing him down.He's doing it just to do it.And what is the description of a sell out to most of you.Somebody who actually makes money off of his music cause that's what most of you make it sound like.He's doing what he wants so stop bashing him bout it.Because if anything if that's ur description of a sell out then most of your favorite bands are sell outs.So just stop bashing things artist do and just appreciate there even making music that's wat really matter or have a lot of you forgotten?
    Woah, Fergie and Slash were really great. New VR singer? She's better than Weiland I reckon.
    Smokey Amp
    Her voice is way too flat. I wasn't pleased with that video. Plus, the guy filming it wouldn't shut the **** up.
    that... didnt suck? at least as far as i could tell, i have heard better quality sound from the silent film era
    Toaster Pastry
    That was surprisingly not bad. However that still doesn't redeem her for making My Humps. Ugh.
    all say this she has a very good voice, i mean having listened to the origianls of barracuda and her singing it on american idol was really good (albeit it showoffish to no end) shes a great singer, but none the less unless she nailed the xel walk/dace then she didnt do it right
    I thought that was fecking amazing. Her voice works really well with it. And the people who have said something about "sticking to Hip-Hop" ... Your so cool... :rolleyes:
    Well, Slash did his slash thing, and it was awesome (especially the mid song tuning etc), and fergie did a good take vocally. I did find it amusing though that she was trying to dance with him, and he was just SO not interested. But yeah, good on them.
    elcapitan1800 wrote: Haha I can see it now..... "how could she?" "how could he?" "how could they?" etc etc. Not that Im a fan of hers, but thats closer to gn'r music than anything axl will put out
    How so?
    hmm,just to point it out,Fergie DID piss herself onstage lol,but at least its better than Avril covering Fuel by metallica
    That was really cool actually. I have the urge to play SCOM now.
    As a Huge Slash fan I no problem with two guys getting together and jamming. So this is cool with me. She looks like a man.
    damn guy holding the camera was sooo annoying in the video
    She did an excelent job, Slash did great as well. I hope that Fergie and Bach are both on Slash's solo album, but i doubt Bach will be
    Deacon Blues
    i'm not a fergie fan...but she did a great job. i've never seen slash play that well live
    fob12 wrote: Slash is awesome. He's not about that image crap, he just plays rock n roll.
    His hat.
    slash can play anything he likes with anyone he likes, he is so cool that it almost can't turn up bad.
    wow, so many people are retarded. slash didn't do shit wrong, he did what he always does- rock the **** out. And he did fine. Since when are people sellouts when they play their own songs?
    wow. i'm ****ing surprised. i thought it would be pathetic, but holy shit, i liked that haha. fergie looks wayyy hot there, and she has a great voice. it turned out great, but i wonder what they had to do to get slash to go along with it...well, i guess after ellen, this isn't too bad. i've been planning to go to the OC fair, if i knew slash was going to be there i wouldn't have missed it
    [quote]uvq wrote: Slash is banging fergie or something lol quote] +1 hahaha so true
    Those cartwheels during Barracuda were pretty cool. I always thought that Fergie was terrible as a solo artist (even though I do enjoy some of the Black Eyed Peas stuff).
    Man it's amazing that he can play it that well 20 years later. Hopefully the new jacks in GNR take notes of that performance.
    guitar_hero999 wrote: Renfordoggz wrote: all i have to say..i would bang her I second that
    I third it, motion carried....
    Guns 'N' Roses are bad enough. But "Fergie And Slash Play "Sweet Child O' Mine""? I don't think I've ever seen so much ewwwww in one sentence.
    No principles and no self-respect, Slash is a joke and has very little talent as a guitar player. How people can defend him I don't know, yes it's an overused phrase but he is a sellout.
    ClassicRock1169 wrote: I don't care if she sucks. Slash rocked and she is fine as hell.
    SickorSaneSF wrote: ClassicRock1169 wrote: I don't care if she sucks. Slash rocked and she is fine as hell. +1
    Kudos to her if she has the stones to pull this off. Also she has nice boobies.
    got to hand it to her, she didnt do a bad job at all. Certainly a better job of it than Axl Rose could ever do nowadays!
    HukedAnFonix wrote: I wanted to hate it. I really did. But...as much as it pains me to admit it, she nailed it, I think. I never thought I'd say this, but nice job, Fergie.
    shame about the bloke who posted those videos - otherwise they would have been quite credible....
    I'm not sure I have the guts to watch the clip. I might lose all of my faith in Slash.