FFDP: What Really Happened During That Meltdown Show

Guitarist Zoltan Bathory issues statement.

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FFDP: What Really Happened During That Meltdown Show

FFDP guitarist Zoltan Bathory issued an explanation on the onstage meltdown that occurred during the band's June 12 show in Tilburg, Netherlands, noting via Facebook:

"The show 2 days ago in Tilburg was an avalanche of clusterfucks - a crew member rolled the intro without verifying if we were all present - we were half way into the first song when we realized that - Ivan wasn't even in the building yet.

"To save the day our friend Tommy Vext of Bad Wolves ran out on stage and sung until Ivan arrived... but you can imagine Ivan's shock - the band was on stage without him - so things escalated form there.

"As his anger got the better of him and in the chaos, more and more crazy shit happened - mistakes such us wrong intros resulted in skipping songs, which resulted in getting handed the wrong instruments for the wrong songs...

"The aftermath was even crazier, so the events that happened in the following day left us no choice but to send Ivan back to rehab so he can take care of himself and come back stronger.

"The show must go on - we owe this to the fans - so Tommy will be singing with us for the rest of the tour. We had a great first show - thank you for the continuous love and support. Fans in Tilburg - we will be back - we will make up for the train wreck you unfortunately had to witness."

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    ... FFDP fans deserve better than this schlok. You didn't know your singer wasn't in the house? Bullshit. 
    And even if they didnt. Seems like the rest of the band was already there, ready to play. Why the "Special little star" wasnt there?
    they might do things differently, lol. whenever I go on stage every one who's supposed to be on stage will be on a shout-basis distance to get called whenever the time comes, guess they use teleports on FFDP to get on stage.
    and then they act as if for starting early the singer suddenly cracked and had to start using again.. i´m sure they were all fighting and fucking shit up since before the show and that´s what got the dude triggered to leave the band or something but yeah, bunch of pussies
    ...then this tiny model of stonehenge came down from the rigging and was almost crushed by a dwarf!
    nowhere near cool enough to reference spinal tap.. just a bunch of hollywood holes trying to claim their last 5 minutes of fame..
    This band seems like a bunch of children. Time after time, there's headlines about onstage breakups, meltdowns, freakouts, etc. Get you shit together.
    This band 
    You mean Ivan Moody right? The rest of them seem fine. Honestly, they could be a half decent band if they got rid of him and got someone who could actually write lyrics.
    He's a decent singer, he just can't seem to handle the rest of it. You can see the degradation of the band musically since War is the Answer. I have the feeling they're gonna basically gonna go the same way that Guns n' Roses went in the early '90s.
    I have to admit I really don't know any of their songs. Just what I did hear sounded like Slipknot and there's nothing wrong with that. But then these try hard cringe lyrics come in. URrrggh.
    I'm curious who really needs rehab when you're unaware your vocalist isn't on stage until halfway through a song which I would assume includes vocals.....
    So somebody played the intro to a song too early, yadda yadda yadda, now our lead singer is in rehab.
    "Fans in Tilburg - we will be back - we will make up for the train wreck you unfortunately had to witness". I say own up to it, they can promise stuff like this. But this is the first 'sort of' apology they did after that show. If by making up they mean: in november come to our show in Amsterdam, then they've screwed over 3000 fans. If they eventually offer refunds or free tickets (or at least discount) to that future show, then they've done a descent job. Untill then, don't come up with this shitty excuses and expect fans to forgive you.
    Sounds to me like these guys don't even KNOW eachother. To go on stage and play half,...or even begin a song without LEAD singer..Bullshit? Or another publicity stunt perhaps? Grow up !
    That picture and the double Monster energy drinks just lol. On the last article about this band, someone made a comment about how "the only way they could be worse is with monster energy sponsors" or something like that and I thought it was just a joke, but no. Maximum douche on display
    Spinal Tap days. I'd actually defend them if this wasn't a regular thing. This is at least the fourth time in a single year I've read about Ivan Moody having an onstage meltdown and/or saying he's left the band.
    For sure his real name isn't "Zoltan Bathory". It's like, "Laurence Zderkiwitz".
    I still can´t get over the fact that someone has a name like this. It´s so fucking comical I laugh every time.
    Eh... he's Hungarian, so it could be his birth name.  Not probable, but definitely possible.
    No, he's probably an asshole like those fucking putzes from A7X and thought he was being hip and edgy.
    It's not common, but I found several men named "Zoltan Bathory" of Hungarian descent with a quick search. 
    I'm hungarian Zoltan or Zoli is a very common name in Hungary and so is the Bathory surname just because a killer had this family name and you heard about it in pop culture doesn't mean it doesn't actually exist.
    Oh well. So the roadies are to blame? Or whoever plays the intros.
    One day the excuse is "it's rock n roll" Next day..blame the crew. Don't care for the band at all and only have gigging experience in small clubs, but couldn't they still have just continued on with the show? Even a show marred by technical error would be better from a fans standpoint. Unless they're just cashing in on the disaster...puddle of mudd style.
    They didn't say that. They said a series of unfortunate events led to a number of misunderstandings and band cock ups. They literally said no one was in the wrong and were as polite as they could have been about the whole situation. FFDP really can't catch a break with anyone here, they could donate 100 percent of their earnings to charity and someone here would find a reason to hate on them.
    If this were a first time thing. Maybe they'd catch a break. Or even a rare thing. But this has become common. At some point, you need to take responsibility for your actions. Get your head out of your wallet and stop enabling the idiot you have for a vocalist or at least wait until a full recovery. These people obviously don't belong on the same team. So stop playing together if you can't deliver your product to the paying fans.
    we would find reason because they are lame as shit... but to quote the lame ungreat ivan moody "this is my last show with five finger death punch" .. hope he's an honest guy! 
    The band not communicating with each other was the problem. When you're paying to see the biggest arseholes (or maybe it's just Ivan) in rock/metal what do you expect? It's a shame fans get this bullshit.
    "we were half way into the first song when we realized that - Ivan wasn't even in the building yet. "  Hmm, let's see, I'd realize my singer wasn't at least on stage when I go on stage.  Oh, but let's start the song anyway, and then oh yeah, "half way"?  Not at the 1st verse, 1 chorus?  And how did you know he wasn't in the building?  Get a text while playing guitar?  Chris Kael sings a lot.  Make him the bassist/singer.
    This really smells like bullshit...
    I think it smells more like horse shit. Or it could be a combination of both. Well, I guess either way the shit stinks pretty bad. No matter what kind of shit it is.
    So... Ivan is going back to rehab because of skipped songs? Not buying it. Btw, he used to sing for my old band, Motograter. Knowing what i know that you guys don’t, still not buying it.
    Where's the guy who always says "five finger butt munch". Hes the sole reason why I click on these articles.
    LOL didn't know he wasn't in the building yet. That's some pretty weak damage control.
    Hope Ivan gets better, alcohol can do terrible things to some people.
    Did they not do sound checks and check the schedule with their techs before the show? Seems a bit odd to me that they got the wrong guitars and ended up playing the wrong songs.
    Pretty sure everyone just wants the fuck out. But I'm also pretty sure they're screwed by their contract. See what happens when you sell your soul for fame and money kids? Create music. But don't dip the pen in the ink.
    I'm still not convinced by this story, but as ridiculous at the first part may sound I can believe the thing about the intro, Ivan and the crew member. I played that same venue in Tilburg a few days ago (the smaller room in the venue sadly!)  and I can confirm that it is an absolute labyrinth. Awesome, awesome venue but an absolute pain in the ass to navigate oneself around hah.
    Jesus stop putting the initials of bands it's so fucking annoying.
    What a bunch of snowflake bullshit. Sounds like the dude is a little bitch that needs to grow a pair.
    Total BS. Either Moody had a meltdown or it was completely the crew's fault, don't try to give two different excuses at the same time
    Sure, because there is always just one truth. Black or white, nothing else.
    They're obviously two excuses, for one they tried to tell people the problem was Moody being an addicted ass, now all of a sudden it was completely the crew fucking everything up When you give two totally different explanations at once for the same issue, you're going to have a hard time making people believe you
    Sounds like a bunch of unprofessional idiots.  I was in a band where I was the ONLY ONE there at Load-In.  Needless to say, I don't play with them anymore - I've moved on to greener pastures.  Just because it's Rock N' Roll does not mean you get to be a career teenager around the fucking clock.
    Maybe they should all just break up and spare us the torture of hearing about these man-children whining at each other.