Fightstar Leave Island Records

artist: Fightstar date: 09/19/2006 category: music news
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Fightstar Leave Island Records
Fightstar have reportedly decided to leave Island Records after they were instructed to make their next record sound more like conventional pop music, reports Digitalspy. Despite initially struggling to be taken seriously, the band have been gradually building a fan base and were nominated for their first Kerrang! Award this year, but record company executives seemingly wanted their music to be more in the vein of frontman Charlie Simpson's former group Busted. Simpson told Contactmusic: "Earlier this week we decided to tear up the contract. They wanted a pop album and we didn't. I've put so much into this band I don't want to start compromising now." The guitarist added: "We're thinking about going to America. The market for our stuff is much bigger over there." In other news, Simpson and Alex Westaway of Fightstar will play live at this week's GarageBand event in London, presented by Square Group, Apple and Gibson Guitars. The rock and roll GarageBand lear-in takes place on September 20 at the Gibson Building, 29-35 Rathbone Street, London beginning at 6.30pm. Attendees will learn how to compose, record, mix and share music and podcasts with Apple's GarageBand software. For more information, go over here.
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