Filter Frontman: 'STP Fans Need to Stop Enabling Scott Weiland'

Claims that fans who defend "rock star behavior" are pushing him to death.

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In a new interview, Filter frontman Richard Patrick has defended Stone Temple Pilots for firing frontman Scott Weiland.

Speaking with MusicFrenzy (via Blabbermouth) Patrick, who worked with STP's Robert and Dean DeLeo in Army of Anyone, alleged that Weiland's addictions were to blame for his departure:

"We all want Scott to be Scott, but Scott's not even really Scott. I love him, but he's transformed into a very different person. Bless his heart, and I hope he gets sober and everything. But I was in Army of Anyone for years working on that record and producing it, and I heard a lot of stuff [about what it was like being in a band with Scott].

"It's sad that three guys have to sit around and wait for someone to show up to a rehearsal. And they've been there for two weeks working, and the singer hasn't even shown up. And you get onstage and the guy doesn't even know how to sing his own songs. And it's pathetic. And it's sad for everybody."

Patrick also went on to state that STP fans who defend Weiland are enabling his behavior and pushing him towards his death:

"The amount of sh-t that [the fans] give the band for trying to have a normal life [with a new singer]... When the crowd, especially [for] STP, is the biggest enabler for Scott - when they're sh-tting all over Chester, when they're sh-ting all over me for being in Army of Anyone, when they're sh-tting all over these people that try and just... You know, the band - Robert, Dean... - and [the fans are] just sticking up for Scott, and they have no idea of [what is going on] behind the scenes. And it's actually... They're pushing him into his death, because they're making him believe that, 'Whatever I did is acceptable. And I can be as high as I want. And I can do as much drugs as I want.'"

He continued: "[Some STP fans say], 'He's a bada-s rock 'n' roll star. You can't have STP without Scott Weiland.' Okay, well, you're gonna get what you want - he'll be a rock-star legend that died in a hotel room with a needle sticking out of his arm, and it will not be a cool thing, and it will be sad, and his kids will be traumatized... It's bizarre that the biggest enabler for Scott is the audience... at least [as] of a couple of years ago. I don't know what it's like now."

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    This is, of course, based on the rest of the band's account that Patrick's basing his statement on but he's right nonetheless. Inadvertently or not, everyone sticking up for Scott despite his acting like such a degenerate isn't exactly going to help him improve himself if he's made to believe he's not at fault for his own lackluster behaviour
    He got a good point there... The STP guys just want to keep on rocking but a Scott's Rockstar attitude was getting on their way...
    I understand all the way up until deciding our replacement is Chester.
    Fans encourage Scott to do more drugs? Doubtful. I think we just like the sound of his voice singing STP songs as opposed to Chester Bennington.
    I think they were saying by supporting him and expecting him to be the "rockstar" it only fuels his ego/habit.
    I'm a huge STP and Scott Weiland fan. Patrick is, of course, completely right. Look at Scott over the years. He does not even look like the same guy that he was in 1993. It's not mentioned, but are we talking plastic surgery, alien abduction, or what.
    It's not just Scott Weiland. People have been enabling Lemmy to slowly kill himself for decades. So he's addicted to alcohol and smokes two packs a day. He's still on stage so he must be such a badass! People are still enabling Kurt Cobain's suicide 11 years after the fact for ****'s sake.
    True, but on the other side, it's not like Scott will continue his thing anyway... with or without STP...
    I agree with Lefty, Chester does a more than adequate job delivering the music and show, and if you do a little research,you'll find that S.T.P. was one of Chester's influences.
    I'd love to see another AoA record. Also saw Chester with STP a few years ago and it was an incredible show. Yes, it's not the same without Weiland, but Chester does a fantastic job.
    I love STP but UG should stay away from this subject why they're releasing albums IMO. Just takes away from the music.
    Off topic, but I like how the pic for the article is Richard in mirrored aviators. Totally looks like his brother Robert in T2. "Have you seen this boy?"
    The DeLeos should keep STP frozen in time, just like Pantera. The first 4 albums will always remind me of just killer times in the 90s....But. I agree STP with Chester should have never happened. Go start some new bands, play some STP songs in your set, but Weiland WAS STP.
    People whom don't wish the band a good, prosperous future with a new vocalist, aren't really fans. Richard couldn't have said it better.
    We aren't all perfect like Chester, majority of us having imperfections like Scott. If Scott Weilland needs help then lets get him the help. I don't know how bad things are if the band doesn't talk about it. But I don't think having chester in the band is helping Scott at all. I think they should form a new band like it sounds like they did with Army for Anyone, or get Scott the help he needs and carry on with him as the front man of STP.
    Filter is still around?
    Yeah, they did that Happy Together song in the Great Gatsby trailers. Also give their most recent album The Sun Comes Out Tonight a listen, pretty decent album, mixes his soft pop with his crunchy rock nicely.
    No shit? I'll have to check it out. I liked short bus and title of record, but haven't heard anything since.
    The Trouble With Angels is fantastic, I think it's better than The Sun Comes Out Tonight and probably his best album since Title Of Record.
    I like STP but this is getting overblown, they talk as if one beatle is letting down the other 3! The band's vitality has naturally wound down, and there's no shame in that. If they want to put out new music and tour then fair enough, but no sane person is anticipating another purple or core, no matter who's on the mic