First Ever Prog Awards: The Winners

date: 09/06/2012 category: music news
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First Ever Prog Awards: The Winners
The first ever Prog Magazine Awards were held in London, UK last night. Some of the biggest names in rock were at the event held in Kew Gardens, marking the first time progressive rock has been celebrated with a dedicated award ceremony. The big winners were Rush who won Album Of The Year, Genesis who were recognised with the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Rick Wakeman who has been named the official Prog God. Speaking to Prog Magazine, keyboardist Rick Wakeman said: "It's about time prog got the respect it deserves for the way it's created, and continues to create, some of the most important music around". The event has sparked some previously unseen competition between icons from the prog world. Steven Wilson and Opeth man Mikael Akerfeldt might be friends and collaborators, but both were nominated for the "Guiding Light" award and Mikael said it's brought out their competitive side. "I want to win," he said. "And I know Steve's the same." Bad luck Mikael - Steve won the award this time around! Prog Magazine award winners:
  • New Blood: TesseracT
  • Live Event: Anathema
  • Grand Design: Pink Floyd "Immersion" reissues
  • Anthem: Squackett "A Life Within A Day"
  • Album Of The Year: Rush "Clockwork Angels"
  • Visionary: Peter Hammill
  • Lifetime Achievement: Genesis
  • Virtuoso: Carl Palmer
  • Guiding Light: Steven Wilson
  • Prog God: Rick Wakeman Do you agree with the results? Who would you swap out? Let us know in the comments.
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