First Ever Prog Awards: The Winners

Prog Magazine held its first ever award ceremony in London last night. Who were the winners? See the full rundown here.

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The first ever Prog Magazine Awards were held in London, UK last night.

Some of the biggest names in rock were at the event held in Kew Gardens, marking the first time progressive rock has been celebrated with a dedicated award ceremony.

The big winners were Rush who won Album Of The Year, Genesis who were recognised with the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Rick Wakeman who has been named the official Prog God.

Speaking to Prog Magazine, keyboardist Rick Wakeman said: "It's about time prog got the respect it deserves for the way it's created, and continues to create, some of the most important music around".

The event has sparked some previously unseen competition between icons from the prog world.

Steven Wilson and Opeth man Mikael Akerfeldt might be friends and collaborators, but both were nominated for the "Guiding Light" award and Mikael said it's brought out their competitive side. "I want to win," he said. "And I know Steve's the same." Bad luck Mikael - Steve won the award this time around!

Prog Magazine award winners:

  • New Blood: TesseracT

  • Live Event: Anathema

  • Grand Design: Pink Floyd "Immersion" reissues

  • Anthem: Squackett "A Life Within A Day"

  • Album Of The Year: Rush "Clockwork Angels"

  • Visionary: Peter Hammill

  • Lifetime Achievement: Genesis

  • Virtuoso: Carl Palmer

  • Guiding Light: Steven Wilson

  • Prog God: Rick Wakeman

    Do you agree with the results? Who would you swap out? Let us know in the comments.

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      VISIONARY: Peter Hammill Fuck yeah! Van der Graaf Generator never seem to get the recognition it deserves...
      I saw Peter Hammill in San Francisco in 1990. Amazing show, intensity, he's got it...
      Nice to see some awards with relatively legit nominees and, ultimately, winners. Nice to see Tesseract getting some recognition. Good for Anathem too, I went to a gig last year and it was damn intense. And I guess Wilson deserved the award more than Mikael since he is three times more musically active than him, with his numerous projects and record producing.
      There is no prog god, though there is a King, and his favorite color is Crimson.
      I'm a huge TesseracT fan, but I would replace them with Animals As Leaders. TesseracT are amazing, but they've basically put out the same E.P. three times, just reworked slightly. Tosin from AAL could've also been selected as virtuoso. Rush deserves the lifetime achievement also.
      Neither of them are particularly proggy though. In fact, very few of the modern bands touted about as "progressive rock/metal" are really progressive at all (BTBAM, Protest the Hero, etc). It's actually kind of disappointing how casually the term "progressive" is thrown around these days. Hey, a band changes time signature a bunch of times, they're suddenly progressive. Oh look, they incorporated a couple of "jazz" chords and keyboards, they must be progressive. What's that, a careless hodge-podge of more-or-less unrelated sections haphazardly thrown together? Yup, super progressive right there! Seriously, it's just absurd.
      Yup, "progressive" has basically replaced the term "technical". It's hilarious how many bands call themselves progressive nowadays. "Yeah our new album has some progressive elements blah blah blah" I've seen that statement so many times and it always pisses me off. There's no such thing as set progressive "elements". Progressing your bands sound doesn't necessarily mean your music is progressive. I'm ranting though; progressive is just a genre that defines certain aspects of music even if it isn't true to the definition.
      @theogonia777 & imspazzen Whether it leans toward rock or metal, prog is prog. From what I've read on progarchives, there seems to be such a thing as elements which would classify music as prog - some that you have mentioned. Archives-forums would be a great place to debate with like-minded, prog-loving indidviduals. With bands like Mastodon, Porcupine Tree etc. I'd say prog is quite alive and well at the moment.
      I disagree. Listen, those are common elements of progressive music (with the exclusion of " careless hodge-podge of more-or-less unrelated sections haphazardly thrown together?"), but progressive isn't a subgenre you can pigeonhole like that. It's fairly subjective due to it's experimental nature. It may not be "proggy" enough for your standards, but that's your opinion. You mention your dislike of BTBAM being labeled prog, but the fact is no matter what your definition of "proggy" is, BTBAM are it. How progressive AAL and TesseracT are isn't even the point. The point is they ARE progressive, and in my opinion AAL is the best new progressive band.
      Even though I agree with contemporary bands being "incorrectly" labelled as prog, Tesseract sound very prog to me. Their music is strictly based on weird signatures (not just a few) and their songs hardly follow the usual verse/chorus structure at all. I won't say anything about AAL since I haven't listened enough. When music is just weird, like you said on the last sentence, it's commonly called avant-garde. Listeners mostly don't have a clear picture of how to differentiate these two genres since they have several things in common.
      I kinda see TesseracT as like Djent with a progressive element to them.
      Where does Pink Floyd end and Dream Theater begin? I find progressive to be a very open ended category..unfortunately. Sub Genres just makes music more difficult for the listener to interpret.
      Progressive means they're moving forward in their music. If that means going from standard time signatures to more technical changes, it's progressive. It is evolving...
      Most of the catagories are ridiculous. How about best artist of the year? Best song? Etc...
      The awards are your basic awards with creative names attached. New Blood - best new band virtuoso - best player God - HoF, legacy award etc. You're just not prog enough to understand the depth.
      Are there enough good prog bands out there to have a large enough category for best album, best artist or best song. Maybe they could hold those those catagories every few years. It's good that they are giving prog bands some spotlight for once, but the genre has many different sounds with few bands in between.
      I doubt I'm the only prog fan who thinks things like "best album", "best artist", and "best song" are complete and utter bullshit. In most music awards shows that have those things, the only real reason someone wins those is because they sold the most stuff. I really would be disappointed if the Prog Awards started doing that too. Although, I admit, I'm disappointed to not see any newer prog bands on the list besides TessaracT.
      Are you kidding. I have 15,000 songs in iTunes, about 80%of which are progressive rock / metal. I buy about 30 new albums a year, which is about 1% of new prog music each year. There is PLENTY to choose from. These catagories were really lame - it's like something you see on the MTV awards.
      Prog God: Rick Wakeman WTF. Everyone knows that if you're going to have a category as ridiculous as that, the only possible winner must be Robert Fripp.
      Nice to see Rush win an award but there are amazing prog rock bands coming out of Australia right now like Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus, and then there's one's that recently broke up like COG and The Butterfly Effect.
      Karnivool might have a crack next year... new album is on the way. Also, why were there two dislikes for that comemnt?
      Where are King Crimson and Dream Theatre? Was hoping to see Mars Volta too.. they never get much recognition :/
      Volta don't get enough light in the prog community because they don't present themselves as other prog bands do. They are legendary nonetheless. I agree with what you said though
      With Coheed and Cambria's double album out soon, they could be in for a shout at next year's awards
      No Mastodon? Dream Theater? Animals as Leaders? Cloudkicker? King Crimson? Fripp? WTF?
      the guitarist is good for animals as leaders but they NEED a singer to break into the mainstream
      God I hope not. That will ruin it. I want to love Periphery but I can't stand that screamo/emo "singing".
      I agree, I really like Periphery until the singing starts. They have a boisterous, kickass sound, but the singing just ruins it for me, doesn't matter which singer it is for some reason.
      wheres between the buried and me and animals as leaders? come on, i hate award best artist lists. theyre pointless. they need to be renamed most popular prog band awards. or most popular 100 guitarists. or most popular 100 guitar solos.
      I'd replace "Prog God" Wakeman with Robert Fripp. Before Wakeman even joined Yes, Fripp & King Crimson defined prog rock. And "Lifetime Achievement" to Genesis? Even Genesis admits in interviews that they were influenced by King Crimson. How could they not give King Crimson the lifetime achievement award?
      I really find it hard to believe that people on here don't consider Protest The Hero, TesseracT, BTBAM, Animals As Leaders and Periphery as progressive metal bands. "Progressive metal has a strong emphasis on technicality and theoretical complexity. This is done by playing complex rhythms and implementing unusual time signatures and song structure" That seems like a fairly good description to me of a large part of this genre, feel free to offer an alternative if you disagree though, I just took that from wikipedia. But all of those bands fit into that description despite their differing styles.
      Prog is a little bit deeper than simply playing complex rhythms and unusual structures. There's an element of experimentation that marks most progressive music... That it combines the classical rock sensibility with as many genre-inspirations as it can get its hands on. I don't know the specifics on the bands you've listed, but I can see how the lack of their inclusion can be a bit disheartening.
      According to Miriam-Webster, "progressive" is defined as "moving forward or onward", " of, relating to, or characterized by progress", and "making use of or interested in new ideas, findings, or opportunities" -- among other definitions. When you get down to the actual word, all of these bands that everyone labels as "progressive", truly are progressive. There's really no point in arguing what everyone thinks progressive is. It is what it is, and nothing else.
      What? No Animals As Leaders? Tosin And Javier deserve to be on this list. Have they heard "Weightless"? Damn that's an amazing album. I tried listening to TesseracT' "One" yesterday and I just couldn't do it. It felt like a joke compared to Animals's two albums.
      This list pleases me. However, there are some really stupid comments regarding newer bands that fall under the progressive banner like AAL, Tesseract or Periphery. They might not be to your taste and they might not sound "traditionally prog" but isn't that the point? Those three bands to name a few experiment with new technology, electronic sequencing, a big range of influences spanning from the origins of progressive rock to the present day. But that's the trouble. It seems any modern band that, let's face it, IS progressive but chooses to incorporate genres or styles from the last 10-15 years as well as more traditional influences will be maligned by the wider prog community. You're trying to form strict definitions of a genre based on older bands templates when the genre itself is defined by a forward thinking, changing and evolving sound.
      Exactly, "Prog Pioneers" INVENTED Prog, they didn't DEFINE it. Most people think that if it doesn't sound like those bands (Genesis/Crimson/Yes/Floyd/Rush/ELP etc.), then it simply isn't Prog.
      Not a bad list. But I would have liked to see Dream Theater, Rush, and Tool mentioned, but all in all that's not bad.
      Interesting for the Prog world but...where THE HELL is Dream Theater!?!? and they could've considered aslo Circus Maximus for some cathegory I guess..their last album is awesome!
      Actually a decent list, this being the first awards though they couldn't really throw a curve ball for the life time achievement award, in a few years time however I think we will be seeing the likes of Gentle Giant, Camel, Soft Machine and Aphrodite's Child winning awards which would be awesome!
      I hope next year they have Mike oldfield win the Visionary award and have Haken Win the New Blood award, although if they dont give Robert Fripp the Prog God award next year i'll go mental
      Bit dissapointed at the lack of Mars Volta I dont really listen to prog but i deccided recently to try the mars volta, and now they are one of my favourite bands
      Keith Emerson must be pissed, but Wakeman deserves it. Yes made slightly better music than ELP if you ask me
      Ya, but Keith played in a 3 piece so had to fill more space. When Keith went to play a Moog solo, he had to also keep the organ part going where Wakeman had Steve Howe and Chris Squire to keep the song interesting during his solos. I just can't imagine Wakeman ever composing (let alone playing) anything as complex as Karn Evil 9.
      Mastodon really deserve to be on this list. Kind of shocked. The rest of the list seems good though. Props for Tesseract and Steven Wilson.
      Took their sweet ass time didn't they? well I guess that's prog for you...