First Four Radiohead Demo Tapes On Sale For £31k

artist: Radiohead date: 11/06/2012 category: music news
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First Four Radiohead Demo Tapes On Sale For £31k
On A Friday changed their name to Radiohead in 1990 after a short time when they were known as Shindig. The eBay user selling the four tapes, which feature songs such as "Climbing Up A Bloody Great Hill" and "Give It Up", for for $49,999 (around £31,000). There are currently no bids on the items. Last month, a Radiohead fan tried to sell a ticket to see the band live after his girlfriend cheated on him, as NME reports. The spurned lover, who was left high and dry by his former sweetheart after he found out she had "fornicated" with other people behind his back, tried to sell her tickets on Gumtree to "attractive females" instead. Here you can listen to a "Climbing Up A Bloody Great Hill" song:
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