First Official Photo of New Slayer Lineup Surfaces Online

Drummer Paul Bostaph unveils the first official band photo featuring the current lineup.

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Current Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph recently unveiled the first official photo of the band's current lineup, showing Kerry King and co. looking tight as ever.

The stickman presented the photo showing guitarist Gary Holt, longtime bassist/singer Tom Araya, King and himself via official Facebook page, as the band is busy touring Europe until mid-August.

As you can see below, the picture presents the thrash metal legends in their typical stance, featuring Araya's staple bright personality and King's mean attitude.

The band recently went through a period of emotional hardship as they lost founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman who had succumbed to liver failure. The late axeman is honored during each of the band's current shows as the group is paying him a tribute night after night.

Those who attended one of the recent European gigs might have noticed Hanneman's guitar standing in the left corner of the stage as a subtle, yet somehow fitting tribute to the late guitar mastermind.

Slayer also went through a drama with their longtime drummer Dave Lombardo who was fired after a contract dispute.

The latest reports also indicate that Araya is uncertain about his willingness to continue without Hanneman, saying that "after 30 years, it would literally be like starting over."

"To move forward without Jeff just wouldn't be the same," he said, "and I'm not sure the fans would be so accepting of that drastic a change. Especially when you consider how much he contributed to the band musically. And you can have someone sit in for him, but there's no one on this planet that can do what Jeff did. There's no replacing him."

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    Nooooo gary hooooolt nooooo dont leave exodus!
    Gary said he won't be leaving Exodus no matter what. He's basically held the group together since the start.
    He is doing it for the money. Slayer brings more income than Exodus, but with this deal, Exodus will have enough money to do a world tour
    This is practically a supergroup, not Slayer.
    How can it be a supergroup? Kerry King is in it.
    Over here in Germany, they sell this huge sausage in a really slimey red sauce. It's called Curry King.
    it's the new supernova line up, in case you didn't read elsewhere... I didn't read it either but I'm just hoping that they wouldn't honestly think that this will fly ...
    too soon...
    Maybe it's their way of coping. When Cliff burton died, james' words were "we could stop. we could cancel the tour. but cliff wouldn't want us to". you never know.
    When you come as far a Metallica did back then, you don't stop, cause then all the work Cliff and the rest had put into it would be a waste and his death would be for nothing. With slayer that's different though. They are well set right now and it wouldn;t hurt to wait a little. On the other hand, I understand this is no longer a band, it has become a massive franchise (just like Metallica or any other big metal band btw). They indeed need to pay a lot of people. But be assured they already have their pensions well assured.
    Metallica were in their early 20's When Cliff died. Aren't the remaining remnants of Slayer all pushing 50? The only RIGHT thing to do is play Slayers old songs if they are going to continue to perform, then stop using the name Slayer and go their own ways. Do not make a new SLAYER album because Without Jeff and Dave, no matter how accurate Gary Holt is... The only person anyone is paying to see is Tom, cus no one wants to hear another guitar player trying to play Jeffs insane solos. and ofc, I don't have to say it but dat beard.
    This is true, but I have to say I'd like to hear how would it sound if King and Holt worked on a record together. No one mentioned it here, but that actually has potential. Might end up as crap though, dunno...
    Holt isn't Slayer, so it's going to be nothing like the Slayer we know. A lot of people aren't going to like that. Tom is Tom, but it won't sound like Slayer because Jeff and Kerry had very distinctive methods that could have only been from one band. Holt is Exodus through and through, he isn't Jeff Hanneman.
    I disagree, music is their job, they have to keep going to feed their families. What happened to Jeff was incredibly tragic but it was a few months ago now. How many people here have lost a close friend or family member and gone back to work the next week? It's not disrespectful, for some people the best way to deal with grief is to work through the pain. And I'm sure Tom, Kerry & co. will be paying tribute to Jeff at every gig they play.
    Keep going to feed their families? I don't think the rest of Slayer is hurting for grocery money. I agree, they should forge ahead, but feed their families? Pull you head outta your a$$
    Tom's stated before that the Slayer train occupies a lot of other people who need to get paid for what they're doing. They've got contracts to fill.
    Exactly, a lot of people depend on Slayer, they probably have no choice but to continue.
    Yes, keep working to feed thier families, what a concept. The op didn't say if they dont continue to make music that all thier families will starve to death within a week. When you make good money you live a certain lifestyle and must earn a certain amount of money to stay living comfortably.
    I'd personally have said one more tour as Slayer, then we tour as 'Angels of Death' or something and made that well known, don't come off as a dick to anyone and you continue. Just like Heaven and Hell vs Black Sabbath.
    Obviously nobody in slayer gets paid but Kerry King anyways!!! Just look at what happened to Lombardo!!! Bring back Lombardo, this MIGHT be considered Slayer again... until then, it's just a bunch of washed up old guys pretending their bands talent hasn't gone out the window.
    Not huge on the idea of this at all to be honest. The passing of Jeff just should have been the end of it.
    See, I'm actually not as bothered about the fact that they chose to continue after Jeff died as a lot of people. I find it far more irritating that they're continuing like nothing happened after the shitty way Dave was fired.
    Dammit Kerry...if you're not even gonna let Dave be apart of the group, then you shouldn't continue using Slayer as the band name... Kerry is one self centered dude, plain and simple. Might as well rename the band The Kerry King Experience..
    Paul Bostaph has been with Slayer before.
    True, Paul is an awesome drummer who has alot of experience in the band and Gary is great too. The whole situation with Dave was just handled very poorly, and I think Kerry and Tom should have worked things out with him.
    Holt is probably the only one that hasn't really had any Slayer experience before 2011. I could be wrong on this, but that's basically about it. Bostaph had about a decade with Slayer (during the 90's). So, to some fashion, i's still Slayer.. Just not their premiere lineup.
    Holt has also played with them before as a fill-in for Jeff on tour, so it makes sense.
    Prior to 2011 though? I know he's been filling in on tour for the past two years, but I didn't know he'd done it prior to 2011. It does make sense now though.
    i can understand Jeff's replacement.He died.RIP.There's no way to bring him back.But trying to replace Lombardo is just dumb
    So Lombardo's not coming back?
    He was finally replaced with Bostaph last month unfortunately.
    Unfortunately?!?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! Paul Bostaph has been on some of Slayer's best albums. Yes, Dave & Paul have completely different styles, but Paul's drumming is solid and HEAVY as HELL!! And don't get me wrong, I love Dave's work, but Paul's playing has a lot more groove & feel to it, which in my opinion, makes it feel heavier. Dave's style is very fast and frantic, where Paul's is more methodical. If you disagree then go listen to the Diabolus in Musica album.
    This line-up isn't a bad line-up at all and everyone is a good musician but it just isn't right.
    "To move forward without Jeff just wouldn't be the same," he said, "and I'm not sure the fans would be so accepting of that drastic a change. Especially when you consider how much he contributed to the band musically. And you can have someone sit in for him, but there's no one on this planet that can do what Jeff did. There's no replacing him." Respect for Tom for saying this. But it is physically impossible to continue with Jeff. With Dave however...
    I'm just worried about what this means for Exodus. I love Slayer, but at this point, I could care less about a new Slayer album, and just want a new Exodus album.
    I still believe that Araya and King are just carrying on with Slayer to try to repress their feelings about Jeff's passing. I mean, they were bandmates for 30 years... they must be pretty ****ed up now. I'm no psychologist though, don't burn me for saying this. And this is a great lineup after all - Gary Holt is one of the founding fathers of thrash metal and Bostaph is a great drummer too. (It's very hard to fill Lombardo's shoes) It's sad to see Lombardo being shagged in the rear after all of this mess though.
    It makes sense. It might seem like an affront to some people, but it doesn't feel like they want to "replace" Jeff. They're probably just working through their grief, and if you've been in a band for 30 years, it's tempting to use that as an outlet. I'm not saying it's the right thing to do, but it's totally reasonable. As long as they're carrying on in Jeff's memory, not a ton of harm can come of it.
    No Hanneman and Lombardo then you cant really call it Slayer. They need a new band name.
    I think that they should continue. In this tour they have the best sound since 1980s'. If they feel that they can continue without jeff, they should do it.
    So founding member, Jeff Hanneman, leaves us on May 2nd. The band post a photo regrouped and back on July 12th? It's not even been 3 months, what the...
    I have a feeling Tom would call it quits right now if he could, but for financial reasons they'll probably keep Slayer going. Gotta make a living somehow! I doubt he's kept up his Respiratory Therapist license all these years! And Kerry? Besides being in Slayer I can't see him doing anything else besides convenience store clerk; but he'd probably get canned for being a dick to customers.
    Glad to see everyone is childish. "This is a supergroup" Oh yeah? Ok well lets look at every other band out there that is this old oh right most bands pretty much have 1 original member left in them. But is anyone bitching at those bands? No no no not at all. Lets single Slayer out because it was in the media. Don't look at anyone else we all have a blind eye to that but because this was in the media it matters. Gotta love the immaturity.
    The same shit happened and still happens with sepultura and the cavalera brothers not being in the band, a LOT of people bitches about it. The situation slayer is right now is similar to that, or an hipotetical case the day of tomorrow Megadeth moves on without mustaine fronting the band, and David leading it. Jeff did most of the work for the band, that's the thing people is pointing out.
    Look...yes it will never be the same again with out hanneman and lombardo (my two favorite members actually) but if there HAD to be replacements, a former slayer drummer and a fellow thrash metal titan on guitar isn't a bad deal.
    What will be interesting is if Gary has some input to the writing of a new album, the guy is a riff god, could actually turn out pretty good.
    I really think this is the only way this is going to work. The only bands that ever did game-changer replacements well IMHO was AC/DC & Sabbath (with Dio). And both did the same thing, they let the sound evolve with the lineup change. So this *might* work, but only if KK lets Gary & Paul contribute material to forge a slightly different Slayer sound.
    Iron Maiden? Talking about Dickinson replacing DiAnno, not Jannick or Blaze obviously!
    this band is now officially Tom & Kerry. idgaf what they call themselves, they will forever after be Tom & Kerry
    Glad to see Tom and Kerry get on. Jeff's passing was sad. But that shouldn't mean Slayer stops. I doubt he'd want that.
    I don't mind Holt. He's been with them for a few years already, and is a good fit. Hanneman unfortunately isn't coming back, so what can they do? Breaking up to preserve a legacy isn't fair to the rest of the band either. They're musicians. This is what they do. They should preserve Hanneman's legacy by continuing to play his music. I really hate not seeing Lombardo though.
    Its Like compairing appple to oranges, sometimes the apples arent in the basket so you have to deal with the oranges.
    I guess Holt is permanently replacing Hanneman now? I know awhile ago he wasn't looking to leave Exodus for Slayer.
    TBH, this is starting to look alot like a metal version of chickenfoot...
    Bostoph is fine, but.extraneous when you have Lombardo available.
    Gary get your butt back to Exodus and release some more killer albums.
    TTP Zeppelin
    Let's face it, they have touring commitments, they can't just drop those instantly. Hopefully Jeff's family will let them use some of the material he was supposed to be working on for a new album, then after that they should call it quits.
    Grow up guys..its their band let them do watever the **** they want... Slayer!!
    -4 votes?? shows how childish some of u are lolol
    Your votes are down because they all know that Slayer is dead. and we can't bring people back from the dead (granted, we could rehire a certain drummer) but your comment just condones the Kerry king show and no one wants to hear a new album called "World Painted Boring".
    Also, they pay tribute to Jeff every show (dedicating songs to him, having his guitar on stage on the side he played) so don't anybody say this is disrespectful to Jeff, but that just isn't true.
    King has been quoted far too many times saying that he will carry on Slayer without Jeff. THAT WAS BEFORE HE WAS DEAD. So it doesn't take a genius to figure this out, Kerry king will use the name Slayer and keep on going, releasing albums until the day he dies. Thing is, what made Slayer good and I'm not going to disrespect Kerry as a thrash metal guitar player because he is brilliant, but Jeff was the other half. Those 2 together made Slayer amazing. They both had styles, now it will just be Kerry's style without Jeff and it won't be good. For their legacy or us as fans. I just hope Jeffs wife is going to get the money owed to her from the creative genius her husband left behind, cus those songs are going to be played for years to come. Angel of Death will never get old.
    I was gutted over Jeff death but if the band was to quit it would leave a huge hole as there is no other band like them and yes we all say but the big 4 the other 3 are not as aggressive or brutal. I am sure Jeff would love for slayer to carry on never the less. R.I.P Jeff