Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist: 'I Like Vinyl More Than Mp3 Because Nobody Can Steal It'

Jason Hook jabs at illegal downloaders, also talks singer Ivan Moody's peculiar vomiting habit.

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Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook recently took a light jab at illegal downloaders, basically calling them thieves.

Chatting with Metal Hammer, Jason was asked to choose between Mp3 and vinyl, to which he replied, "I'll go vinyl just because nobody stole vinyl back then."

Drummer Jeremy Spencer chipped in with a laugh, adding, "You couldn't download vinyl and steal it, right? I like vinyl because of the whole - staring at the album cover and if they opened up and had a gatefold, I always thought that was cool. And they got posters inside and more stuff to look at. Bigger is better in this case too."

During the rest of the chat, the pair discussed singer Ivan Moody's peculiar habit of vomiting before shows. "Ivan vomits on us sometimes," Jeremy explained. "He always vomits before we go on, it's a nerve thing or whatever with him. He would totally barf. And it like splashes on my leg. 'Thanks dude, the trash can was right there. Instead, you barfed on me, thank you!' And that's happened numerous times."

The latest FFDP studio effort, "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 2," saw its release in November 2013 via Prospect Park.

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    Just imagine you come home and see that someone has stolen your MP3's - but your vinyls have remained intact - because nobody can steal it
    They make vinyl turn tables with a USB port for the sole purpose of ripping them to a computer...
    I like fridges more than diamonds because nobody can steal them.
    Unless, you know, someone does just steal your vinyl. Then you you dont have your copy of it any more. No one would bother stealing an mp3 though. They would just make a copy of it and share it .
    Thus eliminating the urge to buy it. And then you own something which you didn't pay for. If it isn't stealing, then what the hell is it? Also, MP3s sound like trash compared to the real thing.
    Nooooot true in the least. Vinyls have a nice quality to them, don't get me wrong, but it's also pretty outdated. But I don't think any level of sound quality could save this band.
    Its sharing. You are not taking a physical object from anyone. Technology has allowed us to make things and share it with the world at a very low cost now. Knowledge and information should be free to everyone. Not just those with money. If your philosophy is "people are stealing from me" and not "people are sharing my music" then you are not an artist. You are a designer who is making a product for consumption. If the "business" of making music for people to listen to doesnt make enough money for you, fine. Find a job that does pay enough money for you. And Mp3's sounding like trash depends on the quality of the Mp3. And to anyone who says they can hear a difference between a high quality Mp3 and "the real thing" I have a big barrel of snake oil they may be interested in. I download everything. I also own 100s of albums and "deluxe editions" full of cheap crap. When you are a fan of someone and have the income to throw at such things, most people do. Im sure for some bands life isnt as easy as it would have been for them 20 years ago. But then again there are countless bands from 20 years ago who it was a struggle for even back then. Thats the life of the artist. The art is the fruits of your labour. Not the huge stacks of cash to throw at hookers and blow.
    Frankly, if I could make money from my music, I wouldn't give a rat's @ss if you considered me an artist or not.
    That's why not you you ain't an artist, and you're not making money out of your music.
    ...I take it you don't play in a band. Instruments cost MONEY. Recording music costs MONEY. Shit, even driving around and playing at shows costs MONEY. That shit does not grow on trees. Nowadays, young bands need jobs on the side for them to live their dreams, because people are not buying their music. You can call it sharing, you can call it whatever you want, I don't really give a damn, the fact of the matter is, you own something, which costs money, that you didn't pay for. Today's artists don't want to get rich and "throw huge stacks of cash at hookers and blow" (seriously, what? Are you 12?), they just want to COVER COSTS. That's IT. MAYBE earn a decent wage, that'd be cool right? If they could quit their job and play music full time without having their family live on the street, that'd be nice right? Until jerks like you pull their heads out of their collective asses, it's only going to get worse.
    Clearly a band like five finger death punch are struggling to pay costs. Young Bands having to work a real job to pay for their passion? This is the way it has always been for young bands. Its the way its always been for any kind of artist. Art is meant to be a passion, not a job. If you are lucky enough that you get enough money from your passion that you no longer need a real job to keep doing it then thats great. But it is luck. The guys in this band, and many others too, got super lucky and they still want and expect more. Its time these self entitled egos in the music "business" removed their heads out of their ass. There are more musical artists out there who have been playing 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years who never made it past the indie scene, making just enough to pay for a small tour once every few years, sometimes having to work a whole other job on the side. And its been this way long before people started downloading music.
    What if Engineering is my passion? Or piloting? Or driving a taxi? Or teaching? Are we not supposed to make money from our passions? That's about the silliest argument I've ever heard.
    Eliminating the urge to buy something isn't stealing. If a movie gets a bad review is the critic stealing? Or if I go out to buy something and I see something else cheaper did the second company steal from the first? I'm not saying that piracy isn't wrong, but it's not stealing.
    I like vinyl because it sounds good, and half the vinyl I have bought I would not have had I not illegally downloaded the album first and gave it a listen. why would I waste 40$ on a record I don't know if I'll like or not?
    Pick 'n' Finger
    "I'll go vinyl just because nobody stole vinyl back then." Tapes? They were the THE "pirating" medium "back then", just saying...
    Except you weren't getting a perfect digital copy like you do with downloading. You got a 4th gen shitty tape to listen to.
    Not if ripped from vinyl. My stereo system can play vinyl and record on cassette, and that device is old as time, doesn't even has a cd tray. Pretty good quality rips in high quality tapes.
    The music of this band is available for download, but I wouldn't waste the bandwidth on their shit.
    That's like saying I prefer old tube TVs over a flat screen because if someone breaks into my house, the tube TV is harder to steal..
    Regardless of whether or not this guy's viewpoint makes sense, vinyl is pretty ****ing badass.
    Artist values money more than either musical influence or number of appropriate listeners reached - that explains the quality of the music. I can't believe someone with that kind of money worries about it.
    Well with any physical medium theft is in fact theft. There's a limited number of records and taking someone's record is noticeable. Digital, while you could argue things like taking potenial profits or breaking a license, is not directly theft in the sense of taking an object. Allegations against it have to be kept in the abstract and implied world.
    Funny, at Heavy MTL all but trivialized the impact of downloading.