Five Jon Lord Videos That Prove His Legacy

Master keysmith Jon Lord from Deep Purple died on Monday, but his legacy lives on as these incredible live performances prove. Watch for yourself to learn why he's such an inspiration to rockstars worldwide.

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To celebrate the life of Deep Purple legend Jon Lord, Metal Hammer have selected five videos to "show just how damn awesome he was."

It's a great choice of videos, so we're presenting them here just incase you didn't realise what an impact his talent and grace had on rock and metal through the ages.

Jon died on Monday after suffering a pulmonary embolism a common side effect of the pancreatic cancer he had been battling since last year.

Tributes had been pouring in from rock legends like Slash, Geezer Butler and Tom Morello, all of who cite him as an inspiration and one of the great musicians of the 20th century.

You can read more about Jon's amazing life and career in our obituary from Tuesday, but in the meanwhile, check out these videos to see for yourself why he was such an influence on rock culture.

If you can find other fantastic Jon Lord performances, be sure to share a link for others in the comments.

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    Oops, 16 actually. Don Airey takes the keys in the last two records... Please don't downvote me, I got a family and children to raise.
    No need to prove it when you can just listen to any of Deep Purple's 18 albums and realize that for yourself. Not to mention the lives.
    The track Son Of Alerik was majestic in itself, even if it wasn't the most famous song from Perfect Strangers. An instrumental jam where his organ was so powerful...
    It's interesting to see that they haven't mentioned Lars Ulrich's letter about Jon Lord in any of the two articles about his passing. It's well written and he's obviously a huge fan of his work. They're clearly sticking to just hating Lars rather than writing about anything good he's done.
    Really good playing here, Lord and Blackmore compliment each other perfectly!
    Where's the love for Bob Babbit, the other legend who died the same day? NO love for the bass players...
    [quote=ndrummerc]Where's the love for Bob Babbit, the other legend who died the same day? NO love for the bass players...[/quote]
    Many might debate their opinion of who is the best guitarist of all time, but few would dispute the mantle of best Hammond organist. Thanks Jon.