Flaming Lips Swipe Jay-Z's World Record

Wayne Coyne and friends performed eight cities in 24 hours, traveling by bus, while the rapper previously gave seven shows via private jet.

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The nerves and preparation paid off Thursday as The Flaming Lips officially broke the Guinness World Record of most concerts played in 24 hours, previously held by Jay-Z. The Wayne Coyne-fronted band traveled through eight cities in the Mississippi Delta by bus, meeting up with fellow artists and friends along the way.

The gig was documented by Viacom's O Music Awards, which celebrate the world of digital music and doled out honors to Selena Gomez (best artist with a cameraphone), Karmin (best web-born artist), MNDR (beyond the DJ - most innovative solo performer), Tokio Hotel (fan army FTW) and Adam Lambert (must-follow artist on Twitter). Throughout the 24-hour livestream, fans could interact and influence activities on the bus via social media and toggle between three camera views on the bus, stage and inside the production truck.

Preliminary numbers indicate that the third cycle of the OMAs was the most-viewed Viacom Music & Logo Group digital driven event to date, with more than 43 million votes and landing a U.S. trending topic on Twitter with #OMA.

"Achieving this record-breaking musical journey has been exhausting and exhilarating at the same time," said Van Toffler, president of the Music and Logo Group. "Wayne, the Lips, all the musicians and fans that greeted us along the Delta and a sweaty tired crew made for some choice moments on this trek. Now it's time for all of us to take a long hot shower."

Just hours before hitting the road, Coyne told The Hollywood Reporter that he had "plenty of nerves" and that "lots of work has gone into making this a special journey".

Below, watch a video of The Flaming Lips performing "Do You Realize?" during their Memphis stop.

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    got to meet and talk with Wayne backstage at hangout music fest this year. awesome guy and class act - he waited until every last person backstage had gotten an autographed drawing from him. I even got him to draw and autograph a picture for my girlfriend for her birthday! surreal night, and everybody backstage was invited to his after party!