Flea To Reveal Hall Of Fame Inductees

Will Rush finally make it after being snubbed for so long?

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Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea will reveal the official Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees next week.

He will announce the entrants on December 11 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, ahead of the final induction ceremony in April which will take place at the same venue, in LA for the first time since 1993 - possibly because of recent damage to the official venue by Hurricane Sandy.

Nominees for the 2013 Hall Of Fame include Deep Purple, Kraftwerk, Public Enemy, and Rush who have famously been snubbed by the ceremony for years.

Speaking in 2010, Rush drummer Neil Peart said:

"It doesn't matter to me. I've got the respect and success we've had and the opportunity to do exactly what we wanted for 35 years. Do we need them to make us feel better? No not at all."

Peart might be pleased to know that Rush were leading in the public vote, though it will only count as one voice among the 600-strong panel which decides who will make the hall of fame.

Flea himself was inducted to the hall in 2012 with RHCP, alongside Beastie Boys, Guns N' Roses and the Faces/Small Faces, among others.

Who would you choose to immortalise with an entry to the rock hall of fame? Let us know in the comments.

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    Deep Purple. It's too long overdue - I like Rush, but Deep Purple's influence on music as a whole is far greater in my opinion.
    I wouldn't call Deep Purple more influential than Rush (there are tons of prog bands who owe their existence directly to Rush), but Deep Purple absolutely deserve to be in.
    people only like deep purple because 'smoke on the water' is the first guitar riff that EVERYBODY learns...im guilty of it too, and you all know you are
    um, no. Have you ever even LISTENED to Deep Purple in Rock (their first album with Gillan on vocals)?! It came out just about the same time zeppelin and sabbath released their first albums. People like to attribute the invention of metal to those two bands, but go listen to Child In Time and tell me that it isn't as heavy (or heavier) than zep and sabbath at the time. Plant may have had his fair share of howling, but if it wasn't for Gillan's vocals, Halford, Dickinson, Cornell, and just about any other high-pitched metal singer would never have existed in the first place. And that's just DP's vocals alone. Need I even mention Blackmore, John Lord, and Paice's influence on music?
    Who the **** cares about the rock and roll hall of fame anymore.... some the biggest bands in the world arent even in there, and a lot of small crappy bands are.... it's so fake I wouldn't even accept it if I was Deep Purple or Rush or whoever wins, just to boycott it.
    im pretty sure ritchie blackmore already said he doesnt care and wouldnt go anyway, so hopefully they get inducted and he snubs the shit out of them
    John Lyndon (Johnny Rotten) has already done this, with a strongly worded letter written on a dirty napkin to accompany the boycott.
    So public enemy can get nominated but MOTORHEAD cant?
    I wouldn't blame them for not inducting Motorhead. If Motorhead were inducted I think the building would spontaneously combust from too much badassery
    I really like the way that the Sex Pistols dealt with being inducted. The Hall of Fame IS an irrelevant piss stain.
    Rush would be cool, but they didn't singlehandedly create an entire genre like Kraftwerk did. I'm not badmouthing Rush or anything, most of their work is solid quality, but Kraftwerk did more for the advancement of rock and pop music than pretty much any band nominated for the last few years. And it's not just electronic music or pop music. Their influence extends far beyond that. Especially their Krautrock period.
    I think N.W.A should get a shot, they we're very influential on a lot of 90's music. Not just 90's Hip Hop/Rap but also rock. Look at Rage Against the Machine.
    I love N.W.A, but lyrically they were terrible, bar a few songs. Eazy E even has a song called, "Gimme that nut" (its about cumming), Ice Cube has a line that says, "I have a 12 gauge that's pointed at yo' aaasssss!". Its fun music (yes, MUSIC), but not even good enough for the HoF, and thats saying something
    I've gotten to where I despise the RRHoF. So many bands in history that should be in there when others that have zero "Rock N Roll" in the genre of music they perform get in. Public Enemy, Run DMC and others... Really people. Music Hall of Fame maybe, not RRHoF. Any before someone says it, I don't count one or two songs mixed with a RR band as being eligible.
    I hope they don't make it, just to see the UG kids whine and complain.
    Me too, since most people seem to think that a RRHoF entry is relevant, in any way, to a band's musical legacy.
    I am not interested in if they make it or not - purely because it has taken so long, so I hold no value for that organisation. And Deep Purple too, for that matter.
    Dark Canuck
    Rush should accept, but not show up. And the Trailer Park Boys accept the award for them.
    Ricky also needs to complain about Rush the whole time with Julian trying to get him to calm down. Bubbles can handle the rest.
    I personally hope that Rush turns them down, if Madonna made it in before them, they should say **** off to those HoF ****s and continue playing amazing music like they've been doing for the past 40 years!
    deep purple and rush -you know public enemy gonna get in .rchp dam lot more bands needed to be in before them .
    I don't see how the Red Hot Chilli Peppers can be in the Hall of Fame before Rush or Deep Purple.
    say no to public enemy
    anvil is god
    PE is a ****ing amazing band and they deserve it more than mediocre dad rock.
    ROCK AND ROLL Hall Of Fame. We can stop the hemorrhagic began by the entry of Madonna. Just create a other Hall of Fame for others music style !
    Also, hip hop and punk are the two remaining true offspring of what rock was when it started. They are they only remaining styles that actually retain the qualities of Rock from its conception. . . being primarily the work of Chuck Berry.
    anvil is god
    It's just a name, and at this point it just celebrates several types of music.
    if that is the case then it should be called the music hall of fame. but it isn't. i agree with @Shavyi
    it's not my thing, but even if it was they shouldn't be inducted. they don't play rock.
    he relevancy of who makes it into the RRHoF is about as important as who wins a Grammy this year...it has nothing to do with the quality of artists body of work.....it is mearly a question of an artist popularity within a certain demoghraphic....Little girls between the ages of 11 - 14.....
    Artemis Entreri
    Because 11-14 year old girls like Public Enemy, Deep Purple and Rush? I'd like to meet these girls. All the 11-14 year olds I know like fun. and justin bieber.
    You know, reading all these comments made my head hurt. Not because of all the discussion about inducting band X or band Y of genre X or Y, I'm just frightened to see so many people thinking there's no music outside rock and roll.
    And still no KISS? Well I hope Rush Deep Purple and Kraftwerk make it.
    I recall Gene saying that he wouldn't want to be inducted until the decision of who gets in is made by the fans, so it's not like this makes a big difference.