Fleetwood Mac Bassist Has Cancer

Band cancels tour dates so he can get treatment

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Fleetwood Mac have announced that their upcoming 14-date tour of Australia and New Zealand has been cancelled so that bassist John McVie can undergo cancer treatment. As Classic Rock reports, the band’s tour was scheduled to begin in Sydney on November 10th and end in Auckland on December 7th. Fleetwood Mac have issued the following statement regarding the cancellations: "We are sorry not to be able to play these Australian and New Zealand dates.

"John McVie, one of the co-founding and original members of Fleetwood Mac, is scheduled to be in treatment for cancer during that period of time.

"We hope our Australia and New Zealand fans, as well as fans everywhere, will join is in wishing John and his family all the best." There has been no word yet as the status of the Las Vegas show that the band has scheduled for December 30th.

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    Best of luck. Thanks for all the wonderful music. Just keep doing whatever it is that makes you happy. We will understand.
    Dear John, Remain in the "chain of your brilliant rhythm" Give it bass, beat it. love you & yours, Dale