Fleetwood Mac's Rumours Set To Re-Enter Album Chart

1970s album juggernaut set to return.

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35 years ago, Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" hit the top spot of the UK albums chart. Now, in 2013, the album is set to hit the top-ten again, thanks to several deluxe reissue packages that were released on Monday (28th).

Official Chart Company representative Martin Talbot has responded to the news with the following statement: "As someone who grew up with 'Rumours' on the family stereo, it is great to see it back in the Official Albums Chart again."

The album itself has sold over 40 million copies since being released in February 1977, making it one of the top ten selling albums of all-time. Speaking to Rolling Stone about the record's undimmed popularity, Stevie Nicks had the following to say: "There is something strangely timeless about it that makes you feel like it was just recorded last year."

The singer also went on to note that she still finds tracks from "Rumours" exciting to perform live:

"The songs morph a little bit every time we do them. Instrumentally, they morph. 'Gold Dust Woman' is sometimes Indian. Sometimes it's just rock & roll. It travels, and all these songs do that. To me, they are always exciting. I never feel bored when we burst into one of our big hit songs, because what they were all written about was so heavy that they could never be boring."

And performing them live is exactly what she'll be doing. The release of the "Rumours" reissue comes hot on the heels of the band announcing a massive North American tour, running from April through July, with UK and European legs promised for September and October. The band current comprises four fifths of the classic "Rumours" line-up, with singer Christine McVie having retired from touring in 1998.

But what do you think? Will you be rushing out to buy another version of "Rumours"? Are you happy to see the album back on the stands, or do you see the deluxe edition as cashing in on the band's legacy? Let us know in the comments.

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    Fleetwood Mac are truly one of the all time great bands. There really isn't anything more to say. The only thing that could make them better is if they were fronted by The Rock.
    Stellar band. I've always thought Lindsey Buckingham has been severely underrated as a guitar player/singer.
    The production quality of this album is absolutely outstanding, one of the best produced albums I've ever heard. Recently found a new appreciation for their music. They're a great band and can't wait to see them come to the UK again.
    No, won't be rushing out to buy it, I'm fine with the original and I don't need to spend more money buying it again even if it is remastered.
    Watch the Classic Albums series documentary on the making of this album. It's on Netflix. You won't be disappointed. Out of the whole series, for me, it's only second to Dark Side.
    This band has some very diverse music, and even some great instrumentals. When I listen to satellite radio, I usual turn to Deep Tracks, which plays more oscure (non radio hit) numbers... some good Mac numbers on there that I never heard before, nor would think it was them.
    Just got into this album recently. That'd be pretty cool if they played the entire thing live. (That is a pretty hip thing for bands to do nowadays, anyhow.) I'd go if I could.
    Got it on Vinyl so no need for me to buy it again! But happy they're getting in the charts again!