Folk Icon Pete Seeger Passes Away at 94

"Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" author remembered by the music community.

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After a short battle with illness, folk icon Pete Seeger passed away on January 27 at the age of 94.

Renowned for his protest songs, Seeger left a permanent mark in music history with such all-time classics as "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?," "Turn! Turn! Turn!" and "If I Had a Hammer (The Hammer Song)."

Back in the '50s, Seeger was blacklisted by the US Government due to his leftist stance. For his 90th birthday, Pete was honored at a massive Madison Square Garden concert by such class artists as Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder and Dave Matthews. At the occasion, Springsteen described him as "a living archive of America's music and conscience, a testament of the power of song and culture to nudge history along."

Honoring the late great, Tom Morello posted via Twitter: "RIP Pete Seeger. Absolutely the best that humans can aspire to be. A courageous, kind, fearless soul," also sharing "Seeger's uncompromising bada-s testimony before The House Un-American Activities Committee" at the following link.

"Once called 'America's tuning fork,' Pete Seeger believed deeply in the power of song," said President Obama. "But more importantly, he believed in the power of community. To stand up for what's right, speak out against what's wrong, and move this country closer to the America he knew we could be."

The world has lost a true giant. Rest in peace Mr. Seeger.

RIP Pete Seeger. Absolutely the best that humans can aspire to be. A courageous, kind, fearless soul. At his 90th:

- Tom Morello (@tmorello) January 28, 2014

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    RIP Pete. Loved his songs when I was a kid. Drove my parents crazy playing his records over and over on a crappy little battery-powered record player I had....
    This man worked tirelessly for years on all the things that Obama mentions in that quote. He was 94 when he died. He could not have done anymore. Now more than ever, it's up to us.
    Saddening to hear. One of the great icons to show the power of music for a message.
    "Where have all the flowers gone"...the original war protest song and the first song my father taught me to play on my guitar & sing when I was probably no more than 6 years old...
    And his music plays on... He lived a good life, did some great things, and we will remember him for his accomplishments and for being a great person. We are all thankful for his contributions. May he continue playing on forever in the stars....