Foo Fighters Agree to Play Crowd-Funded Gig

A local fan in Richmond, Virginia started a campaign for the band to play the city.

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Foo Fighters have seemingly agreed to play a crowd-funded gig in Richmond, Virginia.

The band have not played a show in the North American city for 16 years, so resident Andrew Goldin started an online campaign, as NME reports.

The campaign's fundraising page reads: "It's simple. The Foo Fighters haven't played Richmond, Virginia since May 17, 1998. That's more than 15 years ago and that's way too long. So we're taking it upon ourselves to bring 'em back!" The "Help Bring the Foo Fighters Back to RVA" campaign site is selling 1,400 tickets at $50 a ticket.

The band have now taken to Twitter to apparently agree to play a show in the city, writing: "See ya soon." However, no date has been set for the show.

The new Foo Fighters album will be released this November. The album is currently untitled but was recorded in eight different studios in eight states across America. It will be accompanied by mini series "Sonic Highways," broadcast on HBO, which will document the recording progress. Watch the teaser below. Dave Grohl will operate as director on the project, following his "Sound City" documentary of 2013.

well, well, well...@foofighters_rva @rvadonuts @browns_vdubs @Crowdtilt See ya soon...let's have a good time.#RVA

- Foo Fighters (@foofighters) June 14, 2014

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    Good Guy Grohl strikes again!
    why good guy, it's a paid gig like any other
    1400 tickets at $50 a piece? That's nothing to them.
    You're talking about a band that has played to 90,000 people...a 1400 seater wouldn't even pay for Dave's car
    Do the math. 1400 tickets' $50 each... thats $7000. Dave makes 500, 000-750,000 to do solo acoustic shows. Dave + acoustic = easy setup. Foo + equipment + roadies +food.. %
    I'm sure there will probably be some sort of merch table set up as well, so it will likely be a bit more than that.
    Yet everyone is always so quick to bash "the Grohl fanboys" and claim overrated every time an article pops up on UG about him just for being a very active musician that is widely adored.
    They say he is overrated because he is overrated.
    But it's not because we think he's a massively virtuistic musician (he's just really good at writing hooks), he's so loved because he's just a really cool guy. Down to earth, funny, and as a bonus, he can wrote some catchy shit.
    After that, they can finally come back to Utah, right? ...right? .....anyone else with me? No? Okay...
    Too bad all their surprise stuff always takes place in the States only.
    What the hell are you talking about? They had one of there biggest suprises at the Wembly concert with Page and JPJ
    It does confuse me how "Famous band plays show in small venue due to fan support" somehow gets angry reactions. This is why we can't have nice things, people.
    Of course they agreed because they're the Foo freaking Fighters. This is hardly even news. Still awesome tho.
    This is pretty cool. Reminds me a bit of that documentary on YouTube where the Foos did a fairly recent tour, playing in nothing but people's garages/barns/whatever people could accommodate them in.
    How many copycat campaigns is this going to (excuse the pun) kick start now?
    I must admit this is pretty cool, but why can't the Foo's play a random bar on a random night? That would be a true surprise!