Foo Fighters And Deadmau5 To Perform Together At The Grammys

Foo Fighters will be joined by dance titan Deadmau5 for a performance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 12.

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Foo Fighters will be joined by dance titan Deadmau5 for a performance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 12. The ceremony, set to take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, will pay tribute to electronic music.

The Foo Fighters and Deadmau5 will perform a remixed version of the Foos' single, "Rope", on an open-air stage outside the Staples Center facility.

The Foo Fighters are nominated for Grammys in six categories this year, including Album of the Year for their acclaimed disc, "Wasting Light". That number six equals the number of Grammy trophies the band have taken home thus far during their career.

"It feels great to be the guy with gray hair in his beard who is still invited to these things," Foos frontman Dave Grohl told the Associated Press, in a recent interview. "Twenty years ago, I never thought I'd even have a career in music this long."

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    Lol @ no one having a comment with thumbs up. This one probably won't either.
    The rope remix is so bad though....I also find this kinda funny because I think Dave Grohl went on a little rant at lolla about electronic music
    Deadmau5 is a musician? I honestly thought it was someones youtube username.....
    I hate to break it to everyone...but Dave Grohl is friend with Deadmau5...Dave let Deadmau5 even fly on his jet when they were playing European festivals together...not a big deal..not the end of the world..embrace music
    let edm be edm and rock be rock. stop trying to mix such conflicting styles, when it clearly doesn't work.. ie. deadmau5's rope remix. my ears are still bleeding, and i listened to it an hour ago.
    Maiden, as long as foo fighters are playing, it should be good. Just close your eyes and think of Foo Fighters. Should work. And they deserve these awards, Wasting Light is awesome.
    I really don't like the Deadmau5 version of Rope. But oh well. The Foos have 2 performances
    When I saw the foos last year dave grohl went on a rant about how he hated all these bands (coldplay, u2, etc) because of the fact that they had begun to use electronic influences. Now he performs with an electronic band? wow..
    as someone stated above Joel Zimmermann (deadmau5) and Dave are friends. should be a awesome performance
    TrollFace wrote: there was nothing wrong with the deadmau5 remix of rope. it was coolbeans. i also cant wait to get some thumbs down on my post
    well this hipster gave you a thumbs up instead I'll probably get more thumbs down then you anyway cuz I thought the rope remix was tight!! doesn't compare to the original though.
    It isn't that bad to see something different. It won't be every foo fighters show so I would like to see what happens. TRUST IN GROHL!
    I'm so sick of you negative close minded dumbasses. The flaw to this website is allowing peanut brains like you have accounts and try do dis everything that's not rock or hardcore. There's different music out there. Fuhk you all.
    Mr. Baloonhands
    wow, i totally didn't expect deadmau5 to be performing with the Foos lol but i kid you not the first thing that came to mind when i read the article name was that they were gonna play the remixed version of Rope lol should be pretty cool though, i really hope they win album of the year, fingers crossed for Rock n Roll!!!!
    I wonder how that will sound live. The Foos have such a naturally huge sound, I don't know how they'll fit deadmau5 in there. But it might be a pretty great performance.
    deadmau5 along with skrillex are the worst things to happen to edm. they are klling it. however there is still huge demand for lots of other genres of edm other than mainstream or brostep.
    there was nothing wrong with the deadmau5 remix of rope. it was coolbeans. i also cant wait to get some thumbs down on my post
    Call me stupid, but I don't understand how you can perform a live remix of a song? Deadmau5 would be doing all sorts of looping with Dave's voice and stuff, and I just can't figure out how that all works together on one stage & at the same time...
    Deadmau5 is one of the most pretentious ****wits in dance music. He creates some decent tracks I'll give him that, but he's incredibly overrated for what he does with progressive electro/house. I find it odd that these two personalities in both Dave and Deadmau5 get along, but I suppose "opposites attract" as they say. Regardless, it'll be an interesting performance.
    dave grohl openly dissed deadmau5 at lollapalooza when they were playing on opposite stages, this is a complete shocker.
    Although Deadmau5 is inventive, I hope it's different from the version they released. I don't mind electronica music, but if its a Foo performance I'm hoping they put more emphasis of rock than techno (i.e. Korn/Skrillex).
    I remember Dave Grohl saying he was proud of the Foo Fighters because there isn't a single computer on stage, just 5 dudes playing real instruments...